Claire Trevor Society Members

Claire Trevor Society Charter Members

As of 03/13/2023

Dean’s Gold Circle

Cheryll and Richard Ruszat, Co-chairs*+

Dean’s Silver Circle

Magdalena and Amer Boukai
Michael and Gretchen Mavrovouniotis
Sheila*+ and James Peterson

Dean’s Bronze Circle

Anonymous donors
Tom Neilsen*+
Jackie Pirkle


Mary Gilly* and John Graham    
Rana and Mohannad Malas
Susan and Goran Matijasevic
Robert Peirson    
Farhad Rezai
Diane and Igal Silber


Linda and Michael Arias*
Ruth Ann and John Evans*
Diana Martin* and Mark Tomaino
Randa Phair    
Marilyn and Tom Sutton


Elaine and Daniel* Aldrich, III
Ellen Breitman and Brien Amspoker
Susie and Matt Bailey+
Michelle and Stephen Barker
Joan+ and Donald Beall
Kay Becknell Jones
Lauren and Greg Brooks
Denean and David Chase
Al and Anne Encinias
Doug and Lynn Freeman
Rachel Fine and Christopher Hawthorne
Philip Friedel
Karol and Michael Gottfredson
Tinnie*+ and Shivbir Grewal
Carol Greenwald
PariSima Hassani and Shazad Ghanbari+
Gillian Hayes
Susan Hori+
Karen and Andrew Isble
Nancy Locke
Tiffany Ana López, Dean
Julia Lupton and Keith Reinhard
Jared and Kate Mathis
Maya and Gary Matkin
Kelly and James Mazzo
Ellen and Howard Mirowitz
Stacey Nicholas*
Rayann and Anthony Palazzolo
Kelly Perine
Linda and Ross Peters
Farhad Rezai
Linda Rogers
Sylvia Rosenzweig
Tracey Schroeder
Pam Selber
Celeste Signorino*
Janice and Ted Smith
Steve Sorenson
Mitchell and Maureen Spann
Alison and Richard Stein+*
Sarah and Martino Strozza
Joni Ravenna Sussman and
Mitchell Sussman
Mary Karyl and John Thorne
Elizabeth and Tom Tierney
Joel Veenstra & Family
Jillyn and Ted Verdon
Mary Watson-Bruce+*
Kumar Wickramasinghe
Erika and Ivan Williams+*

+ Dean’s Arts Board Members
* Claire Trevor Society Leadership Committee 



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