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'How I Met Your Murderer': Meet Rachele Schank (UCI Drama, 2009) from Lifetime's psychological thriller

Starring in the lead role of the film is actress Rachele Schank. Schank attended London's Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and has a B.A. in Drama from UC Irvine's Claire Trevor School of the Arts. Read the article by Aurelia Fernandes.

UCI Department of Dance Goes Virtual with “Dance Visions”

Dance critic Jeff Slayton from LA Dance Chronicle reviews the Department of Dance's recent faculty dance showcase, Dance Visions 2021, a completely online presentation.

College Arts Programs Display Pliancy, Resilience While Navigating Pandemic Restrictions to Bring Arts to Audiences

The Claire Trevor School of the Arts’ theme for this year is arts and well-being. In pursuit of spreading that message, the department is taking advantage of this time to develop projects that will broaden the scope and reach of the arts

Six Black Artists Test the Limits of Portraiture

"The Black Index" at UC Irvine pursues knottier narratives of self-representation. The six artists included in "The Black Index", the new exhibition at UC Irvine’s University Art Galleries (UAG), are highlighted by Allison Conner of

CTSA Expands Comms to Facilitate Remote Productions & New Learning Opportunities

UC Irvine’s Claire Trevor School of the Arts Expands Comms to Facilitate Remote Productions & New Learning Opportunities

UCI’s “She Kills Monsters” Delights with Dungeons and (Digital) Dragons

The New University reviews UCI Drama’s Fall 2020 production of “She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realms.” Directed by Beth Lopes, this production follows the “Young Adventurers Edition” of the play — an aged-down, less explicit version of the original work by

‘We exist in other ways ... to see us, to find us’ — UC Irvine debuts ‘The Black Index’ exhibition

"The Black Index," the newest exhibition for the University Art Galleries (UAG) curated by Bridget Cooks, an associate professor of African American studies and art history at UC Irvine, garnered a review from Lilly Nguyen for the LA Times.

A Radical Approach to Teaching Art: Looking Back At The UCI Art Department in its Founding Years

Liz Goldner from "LA Weekly" covers the UCI Department of Art's prolific history by recalling some of the most memorable artists and shows ever to highlight the talent presented by both the faculty and students.

Presenting New Slate: A Showing of Graduate Student Screen Dances

Claire Trevor School of the Arts presented its annual MFA dance concert “New Slate” in a new online format from Dec. 10-12. 12 graduate students presented their choreography projects in a wide range of dance styles and filming techniques.

UCI’s New Slate Online: A Completely New Dimension in Dance Concerts

UCI Professor Lisa Naugle, who served as Artistic Director for the event, provided an introduction, explaining that each composition was pre-recorded on Zoom and simultaneously live-streamed with (video of) live dancers — from various locations.

A Recollection of 2020’s Post-Graduate MFA Thesis Exhibitions

Read a student review for the latest installation in the UAG, Post-Graduate MFA Thesis Exhibitions for the Class of 2020. (Image) Jackson Hunt, “New American Paintings,” installation view, CAC Gallery, UCI © 2020. Photo: Paul Salveson.

UCI is Opening a Window for Those of Us in Need of a Breath of Artistic Fresh Air

At UCI’s Claire Trevor School of the Arts (CTSA), modern dance is alive and well, with a twist this year! Read more about New Slate Online in this preview feature.

Claire Trevor School of the Arts Virtual Tour

With the current restriction of COVID-19, our campus is closed to the public. If you are looking to get a closer view inside the school, take our new virtual tour! You may also learn more through our Student Affairs pages on the main menu..

Live Performance May Be on Pause, but Arts Students Continue Their Studies with Hope

Arts students have been forced to continue their studies online during the coronavirus pandemic. Adam Jacobson, a UCI drama student, has created an in-home studio to capture his performances on camera for class attendance and assignments.

Irvine is a hub of arts and culture in OC

It’s all around town. Laugh at the Improv. Cry at the New Swan Theater. Engage your senses with 4DX movies at Regal Irvine Spectrum. Groove to Grammy-winning jazz. Take a look.

UC Irvine Art Department: Recontextualizing Instruction During Changing Times

The visual and performing arts inspire and enlighten us. They provide solace, help us rise above difficulties and uplift our spirits during times of change and confusion. “Art is essential to the well-being of individuals and society...”

At the end of summer comes UC Irvine’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Zoom’

Four days will quickly steep themselves in night; four nights will quickly dream away the time — for four nights, UC Irvine’s New Swan Shakespeare Theater will draw its audience into the bard’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” albeit unconventionally...

A Midsummer Night’s Zoom

A Beloved Shakespeare play transformed for a virtual world - The creative collaboration of Eli Simon, Chancellor’s Professor of drama, and Julia Lupton, professor of English, “A Midsummer Night’s Zoom” captures the elements of a beloved play.