Undergraduate Degree & Minor Requirements

Claire Trevor School of the Arts Program Requirements

The Claire Trevor School of the Arts offers undergraduate degree programs in Art, Dance, Drama and Music. Degree checklists for the 2023-2024 academic year for all majors are located below in PDF format:
*To change or add a program within the Arts as a continuing UCI student, please check the Change of Major site or refer to our Getting into the Arts Presentation.

Art Department
B.A. in  Art


Dance Department
B.A. in Dance
B.F.A. in Choreography
B.F.A. in Performance

Dance Choreography Eligibility Requirements

Drama Department
B.A. in Drama
B.F.A. in Music Theatre

Music Department
B.A. in Music
B.Mus. in Music Performance

Music Theory & Musicianship Resources


For all course descriptions, please visit the course catalogue.


Digital Arts Minor

The Digital Arts minor is open to all UCI students. There are no restrictions based on major or level. For more information regarding the minor, please visit: http://sites.uci.edu/elad/minor/


Drama Minor

The Drama minor is open to all UCI students. Declared Drama or Music Theatre majors may not declare the Drama minor.


Please note that we do not offer minor programs in Art, Dance, or Music.

Sample 2-Year, 3-Year and 4-Year Plans (Updates in Fall 2023)


  4-Year 3-Year 2-Year
Art (B.A.) B.A.   B.A.
Dance (B.A. & B.F.A.) B.A. & B.F.A.    
Drama (B.A. & B.F.A.) B.A./B.F.A.   B.A.
Music (B.A. & B.Mus.) B.A.   B.A.