American Monument
October 5 to February 8 - October 5

A participatory inter-media monument conceived as nomadic and continually expanding, moving across the country year-to-year, “unveiled” at universities, museums, storefronts, community centers, and churches.

B L U E  W A V E by L u t z  B a c h e r
October 5 to December 14 - October 5

A daring new exhibition by Lutz Bacher. The artist passed away earlier this year.

St. Georges Hotel, Beirut, 2019
October 5 to December 14 - October 5

Beirut Lab: 1975(2020), Curated by Juli Carson and Yassmeen Tukan, will screen films by artists living in Beirut, a city where time bends and curves, as historical events float between the past, present and future in one’s mind.

October 11
Vitor Luiz brings his years of expertise as an international dancer, choreographer and ballet master to the classroom.
East Meets West 2019: International Dance Festival
October 22 - October 22
An evening of performances celebrating dance and music from around the world! East Meets West began in 2015 when the UCI Department of Dance, Shanghai Normal University, and Beijing Normal University collaborated in the creation of a week-long exchange...
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Annual Arts Open House
October 24

Our annual open house highlights the talents of our students and faculty.

Reading Frankenstein
October 31 - November 9

An intermedia performance about a 21st century artificial life scientist named Mary Shelley.

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SLSA 2019 | Experimental Engagements
November 7 to November 10

The Claire Trevor School of the Arts is hosting the 2019 annual meeting of the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts, co-organized by faculty members Antoinette LaFarge and Jesse Colin Jackson with support from 21C.

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Faculty Artist Series: 1947 - Alan Terricciano, piano
November 9

The events of 1947, from the birth of the Cold War to the first reports of UFOs, reverberate to this day. Pianist Alan Terricciano explores the year 1947 through the lens of the extraordinary piano music produced that year by Prokofiev, Ustwolskaja...

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Jen Shyu
November 15

This new project addresses—and aims to heal—the loss of communication between humanity and nature, and the need to restore human bonds.