November 19
"...with professional careers awaiting all eighteen of its performance and design majors, UCI Drama’s COMPANY more than merits its slot in the Irvine Barclay Theatre season."
December 4
Taking their audience back to the bright and groovy days of the 1970s, the Claire Trevor School of the Arts’ Drama Department kicked off their 2019-2020 season on Sunday, Nov. 17 at the Irvine Barclay Theater with a lively production of “Company.”
December 4
Vitor Luiz guest stars in Festival Ballet Theatre’s family-friendly, breathtaking production of "The Nutcracker."
December 12
ICIT facutlty members Michael Dessen and former professor, Nicole Mitchell, are featured.
December 12
The Beall Center's "American Monument" is listed at #14
Winter 2020
January 6
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January 11 - January 14 to March 14
A series of new paintings by Austrian-born, Los Angeles based artist Katherina Olschbaur.
Juried Undergraduate Exhibition
January 16 - January 16 to February 1
The 16th Annual Juried Undergraduate Exhibition presents the best of the undergraduate artist from the Department of Art.
Saxophones with Strings Attached
February 1
Swedish saxophonist and composer Anders Lundegård presents several new compositions alongside classical masterpieces of the eighteenth- and twentieth-century, with UCI pianist Yuliya Minina and a string trio and quartet composed of UCI students.
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February 5 - February 9
Margaret Atwood retells Homer’s classic "The Odyssey" from Penelope’s perspective. As Odysseus is indefinitely gone to fight in the infamous Trojan Wars, his wife patiently waits for him in the company of her loyal maids while raising a child and ...
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