Claire Trevor Society

The Claire Trevor Society provides a front door to the arts at UCI for alumni, parents, and friends to participate in exclusive experiences and network with fellow art enthusiasts, while receiving special recognition and opportunities to engage in the school’s growth.

Medici Circle

Medici Scholars take their education beyond the classroom to collaborate with academics and artists in our community and around the world. Scholars in Art, Dance, Drama, and Music, rely on scholarships like the Medici Circle awards to support their academic growth and to broaden their creative development.

UCI Theatre Guild

Take an active role in cultivating the next generation of actors, directors, designers, and stage managers by joining the Theater Guild. Members support the UCI Drama department’s innovative academic research, artistic explorations, and performances while gaining access to exclusive events.

Provide instrumental support to maintain the excellence of the symphonic orchestra program at UCI. Contributions create opportunities for students that foster their growth as musical scholars and prepare them for professional careers in music.

New Swan Shakespeare

Support the New Swan Shakespeare Festival and bring the immediacy of Shakespeare’s work to a 21st century audience.

Opera Guild

Join a community that upholds the tradition of stellar opera productions at UCI. Productions that involve complex collaborations between vocalists, orchestra, and costume designers are made possible by the support of the Opera Guild.