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Vincent Olivieri

Associate Dean of Graduate Affairs

Welcome to the Claire Trevor School of the Arts! We are a diverse community of artists and scholars dedicated to exploring our world and interpreting that experience back out in the form of creative work. We view art-making as a civic responsibility, one that we practice daily in constant pursuit of growth. Our faculty are practicing artists and scholars themselves, with active careers in their fields, and our students are engaged in cutting edge research designed to push the boundaries of art-making and creativity, whether their discipline format is traditional or revolutionary.

From avant garde presentations to the largest commercial productions, our students, faculty, and alumni work at the highest levels of our fields, and our location in southern California places us in one of the world’s richest cultural environments. Every day, I am impressed by something new that the CTSA community has created, and I invite you to join us and be part of the vibrant creative environment here in the school of the arts!


Vincent Olivieri

Associate Dean for Graduate Affairs

Key Contacts

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Dean's Office

  • Vincent Olivieri, Associate Dean of Graduate Affairs (until end of Fall 2021)
  • Amy Kim, Director of Student Affairs
  • Jenn Wong, Academic Counselor & Grad Program Coordinator


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CTSA Code of Conduct

Arts Grad School Guidelines - One Sheet

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  • Student Health Clinic (on campus) offers: primary health care; immunizations and TB screenings; flu shots; basic radiology; clinical lab services; women’s health services; dermatology; otolaryngology (ear, nose, and throat); orthopedics/sports medicine; gastroenterology; chiropractic services; chronic medical care and disease management; travel consultations; and a pharmacy 
  • Dental care is available