Graduate Funding Resources


Fellowships Administered by the Claire Trevor School of the Arts

The Claire Trevor School of the Arts has some scholarship monies available to incoming and continuing graduate students. Information on applying will be sent out to students throughout the year through email, when scholarships become available.  
  • Kris and Linda Elftmann Scholarship: Up to $3,000 awarded to an outstanding undergraduate or graduate student.
  • Leo Freedman Graduate Fellowship: For outstanding applicants from Orange County, California, preferably from Anaheim; two fellowships approximately $7,000 each for the academic year. The Freedman Fellowship is typically used as a recruitment fellowship, though in special cases, awards may be given to continuing students.
  • Medici Circle Scholarship: Up to $1,425 awarded annually to outstanding undergraduate or graduate students participating in research, conferences, exhibitions, or festivals 
  • Elizabeth and Thomas Tierney Scholarship: Up to $3,000 awarded annually to an outstanding undergraduate or graduate student.
  • H.B. and Isabelle Yolen Memorial Scholarship: Four $2,000 awards to undergraduate or graduate students in Art or Drama with financial need.
  • Sylvia Reines Dance Scholarship: $1,000 awarded to graduate and undergraduate students in Dance.
  • William C. Holmes Fellowship: For graduate students studying Music.


Fellowships Administered by Graduate Division


Internal Fellowships

Internal Fellowships are awards administered by UC Irvine Graduate Division.  These competitive awards provide stipends in varying amounts. Some Internal Fellowships require nominations from the student’s academic department.  In this case, students will need to be aware of departmental deadlines which are usually earlier than that of the Graduate Division.  It is the student’s responsibility to contact his or her department/school for departmental deadlines. Please note that most of these awards have specific eligibility requirements.

Diversity Fellowships

UC Irvine’s commitment to diversity is exemplified by providing sources of funding for students from diverse backgrounds.  The diversity fellowships place an emphasis on supporting students who can add diversity to our graduate programs and the academy.  By eliminating the need for employment during the fellowship year, this funding allows more time to focus on research and academics. Each year, a number of diversity fellowships are awarded to entering and continuing UC Irvine graduate students. These comprehensive funding packages offer our diverse student population the opportunity to acquire and develop advanced research skills through faculty mentoring relationships.

Extramural Fellowships

Extramural Fellowships are merit-based support provided by external national, international or private foundations.  Many awards have competition due dates up to a year before the money is distributed for awarded applications. Extramural fellowships are a way to help foster successful scientific careers. These fellowships are often distinguished by well-developed research projects and demonstrate the recipient’s commitment to securing support. The UCI Graduate Division encourages students to apply for these prestigious awards. Eligibility, support, and application procedures vary by fellowship. Students should consult with their respective program faculty advisor as they prepare applications.  Below is information regarding some of the largest and most prestigious extramural fellowships for which Graduate Division provides support.

International Fellowships

Recruitment Fellowships

Recruitment fellowships are used to recruit promising applicants to UC Irvine graduate programs. Graduate student applicants do not apply directly for these fellowships, but rather they are nominated by the graduate programs they applied to. These competitive awards provide tuition, fees and/or stipend support in varying amounts. Please note that most of these awards have specific eligibility requirements.

Other UCI Funding Sources


Pedagogical Fellows Program (through Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation)

Student Travel Awards (through DECADE Program)

Travel Grants (through AGS)

Project Grants (through AGS)

Other Awards (through AGS)