Two+ Minutes with an ARTeater
Two+ Minutes with an ARTeater hosted by UCI Drama student Kayla Quiroz

Two+ Minutes with an ARTeater is UCI’s newest mini-podcast series, now entering its second year of content. It exudes content created by students, made for students. We interview CTSA’s aspiring artists from all fields through these episodes, whether that be someone affiliated with Art, Dance, Drama or Music. Through this digestible mini-podcast series, CTSA ARTeaters can make their opinions heard and talk about their upcoming performative endeavors. Within the show, there are question speed rounds, games and just a whole lot of fun in general. In Two+ Minutes with an ARTeater, you will learn about UCI’s wonderful programs, people, and performances. New episodes come out weekly, so stay tuned! 

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Kayla Quiroz

Meet Kayla Quiroz, Class of 2023 and host of Two+ Minutes with an ARTeater. She recently earned a B.F.A. in Music Theatre with honors in acting. Kayla's passion for performing started at a young age and has led her to incredible experiences. She achieved four consecutive wins at Show Choir Nationals with Los Alamitos High School and had the honor of singing at the Grand Ole Opry. Kayla has performed across the United States, including New York, Florida, Tennessee, and Illinois. At UCI, she participated in the New York Satellite program and showcased her talent in various productions. Kayla will soon grace the stage in Disney's "Tarzan" at The Moonlight Amphitheater. In the fall of 2023, Maia Lucas will take over as the new host for Season 3.