Two+ Minutes with an ARTeater
Two+ Minutes with an ARTeater hosted by UCI Drama student Kayla Quiroz

Two+ Minutes with an ARTeater is UCI’s newest mini-podcast series. It exudes content created by students, made for students. We interview CTSA’s aspiring artists from all fields through these episodes, whether that be someone affiliated with Art, Dance, Drama or Music. Through this digestible mini-podcast series, CTSA ARTeaters can make their opinions heard and talk about their upcoming performative endeavors. Within the show, there are question speed rounds, games and just a whole lot of fun in general. In Two+ Minutes with an ARTeater, you will learn about UCI’s wonderful programs, people, and performances. New episodes come out weekly, so stay tuned! 

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Kayla Quiroz

Introducing Kayla Quiroz, the host of Two+ Minutes with an ARTeater. She is a third-year undergraduate earning a B.F.A. in Music Theater and minoring in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. In addition, she fell in love with performing when she was six-years-old and has never stopped since. Some of her favorite theatrical experiences include winning Show Choir Nationals four years in a row with her Alma Mater: Los Alamitos High School. Kayla has performed all over the United States - spanning from New York, Florida, Tennessee, Illinois, and others. One of her greatest achievements is singing at Grand Ole Opry. Furthermore, some of her favorite roles that she has had the opportunity to play are: Gabriella in High School Musical, Baker’s Wife in Into the Woods, and Hermia in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Tony Garcia

Introducing Tony Diego Garcia, a UCI Drama undergraduate, earning his B.F.A in Music Theater. Tony is a hardworking creative who loves to dance, sing, and act. He is attracted to rock-pop theater and dance-heavy shows. His favorite roles that he has had the privilege to play include: Emmett in Legally Blonde, Doody in Grease, and Charlie in Merrily We Roll Along. He hopes to eventually book musicals on Broadway and perform internationally. In his spare time, he loves to build LEGO sets and complete puzzles. Tony has a jovial and outgoing personality, which made him a perfect fit as our first interviewee. Listen to this episode to learn more about the amazingly talented Tony Diego Garcia and his upcoming performances!

Leah Jackson

Welcome to the stage, Leah Jackson. Leah is a graduating senior earning her degree in Drama. She has an emphasis on Directing and Music Theater. Leah enjoys keeping a busy schedule and is also a part of UCI’s Campuswide Honors Collegium. In addition, she will be writing her thesis about her upcoming directorial endeavor, Hamlet. She loves to work with actors who follow their instincts and lean into comedic timing. Leah Jackson is an exuberant and kind human being who hopes to create a long lasting career within the entertainment industry. We hope you enjoy this episode of Two+ Minutes with an ARTeater, where she gives us insight on how her rendition of Hamlet is coming along!

Ian Bowers

Introducing the phenomenal Ian Bowers. Ian is a fourth-year transfer student earning his degree in Drama and is on track for a B.F.A. in Music Theater. Ian is drawn to comedic theater and enjoys playing into tragedy and dramatic pieces (a true jack-of-all-trades)! Some of his favorite roles include: Satan in The Last Days of Judas Iscariot, Leaf Coneybear in The Putnam County Spelling Bee, Bat Boy in Bat Boy the Musical, and Mercutio in Romeo & Juliette. That being said, his dream role is Emcee in Cabaret. In his free time, Ian loves going on beach trips, adventuring with friends, and eating way too much sushi! After graduation, he plans to move to New York to kickstart a career on the East Coast. In this episode, Ian shares a little bit about his first UCI mainstage production, Rebecca Oaxaca Lays Down a Bunt, which opens in early March.

Joseph Wong

Welcome to the stage, Joseph Wong, a diligent undergraduate student who is double majoring in Music and Computer Science. His instrument of choice is the violin and he is also the concertmaster of his orchestra. By holding this title, he is the leader of his team and is the second-hand-man to the conductor. Joseph was a child prodigy and has been playing since he was 5-years-old. In addition, he has performed all over the United States. His favorite venue he’s had the chance to perform in is Carnegie Mellon’s Weill Recital Hall. Listen to this episode to learn more about this creative and his passion for music. Also, don’t forget to go see the upcoming CTSA Symphony Orchestra!  

Summer Session

Introducing Summer Savonna Session. They are a Graduate student here at CTSA, who is earning their M.F.A. in Directing. They previously attended Fresno City College for an Associates Degree in Theater Arts and also California State University, Fresno for a Bachelor's Degree in General Theater. Summer is a true lover of the arts and hopes to pursue directing for the rest of their life. In Summer’s free time, they enjoy reading, painting, and watching anime! However, the majority of their current time is spent on perfecting the upcoming UCI mainstage production of The Seagull. Summer is thrilled to be spearheading this endeavor, which comprises an extremely talented cast and crew. Listen to this episode to learn more about Summer.

Aejin Yi

Introducing Aejin Yi, a first-year undergraduate majoring in Art. Aejin is a bubbly and intuitive creative who is making her official artistic debut in the 17th Annual Undergraduate Art Exhibition at UCI in March. She keeps a busy schedule and loves to immerse herself in a plethora of subjects, whether that be embroidery, songwriting, or making collages. One of her long term goals is to start a small business where she produces her own art. In addition, she hopes to one day spread her works internationally and head to Korea to be involved in graphic design and music production there! Listen to this episode to learn more about the multi-talented Aejin and her current endeavors.

Devin Wilson

Introducing the multi-talented Devin Wilson! They are a first-year graduate student here at UCI earning their M.F.A. in Art. Devin previously earned their B.F.A. at Boston University. Devin perceives themself as an “AI for artistic content”. They are obsessed with studying creative material and then producing their own art. Something that is very important to them is researching art and attending conferences. One of their other favorite hobbies is baking bread, pretzels, and bagels! In addition, they are a DECADE representative for the upcoming Open Studios Event. Devin hinted that they will be performing in drag at this event. Don’t forget to come support CTSA’s M.F.A. Artists!