Medici Scholarship Fund Luncheon

Medici Scholarship Fund Luncheon

The Medici Circle annual donor, scholar and mentor luncheon was held on Friday, January 23, 2015 in the University Art Gallery. Dean Stephen Barker greeted donors and scholarship recipients for a celebration which included testimonials by Medici Scholar’s Natalie Matsuura, Dance Performance; Christian Vincent, Dance Department; and Blair Brown, Dance Department.  Medici Donor Richard Stein spoke about what it means to him to be a donor for such an electrifying opportunity for UCI Arts students.  

Natalie Matsuura speaks about her summer experience thanks to the Medici Scholarship program.

Dean Stephen Barker welcomes guests.


2014 Medici Circle

Brody Albert, Art
Joseph S. Lewis III, Donor
Simon Leung, Mentor

Silvie Deutsch, Art
Kalyani & Nambi Seshadri, Donor
Mara Lonner, Mentor (not pictured)

Elizabeth Erickson, Music
Richard & Alison Stein, Donor
Christopher Dobrian, Mentor (not pictured)

Nathaniel Klein, Art
Andrea Cullen, Donor
Simon Leung, Mentor
(not pictured)

Christian Vincent, Dance
Susan Hori, Donor
Sheron Wray, Mentor

Blair Brown, Dance
James Penrod, Donor (not pictured)
Lisa Naugle, Mentor

Cara Scrementi, Dance
Darrellyn Melilli, Donor
Lisa Naugle, Mentor

Natalie Matsuura, Dance
Vivian McCluney, Donor
Diane Diefenderfer, Mentor
(not pictured)

Oge Agulue, Drama
Andrea Cullen, Donor (not pictured)
Daniel Busby, Mentor

Samuel Kolodzh, Drama
Barbara Klein, Donor
Stephen Barker, Mentor
(not pictured)

Guy Zimmerman, Drama
Susan Hori, Donor
Bryan Reynolds, Mentor

Elias Berezin, Music
Janice Smith, Donor
Joseph Huszti, Mentor

Sarah Butts, Music
Carol Choi, Donor
Jane Page, Mentor
(not pictured)

A special thank you to Devin S. Norris Trio for their performance at the luncheon.

Learn more about the Medici Circle and how to become a Medici Donor.