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For more than a decade, UCI has taken a university-wide approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Led by the UCI Office of Inclusive Excellence, this charge is about dismantling the systemic barriers of racism and discrimination that have too long been the norm in higher learning and our broader communities. The Office serves the campus priorities and is committed to a transformative, whole university effort grounded in our values: expect equity, support diversity, practice inclusion and honor free speech. UCI’s powerful vision of inclusiveness and change is supported through a dedication to ensuring accountability, providing training and education, conducting responsive research and building sustainable partnerships.

Claire Trevor School of the Arts (CTSA) is taking on this charge in a local effort to further support its students, faculty and staff.

The mission of the CTSA Climate Council is to observe and assess the cultural climate of CTSA, providing support and guidance for the CTSA community, and making recommendations to leadership for improvement.

Offices on campus that promote inclusion and support students, staff, and faculty.

Offices on campus that confront and address acts of exclusion, discrimination, harassment, and intolerance.

Articles, trainings, and videos to help us learn and grow.

Additional resources to support CTSA students, staff, and faculty.

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Mentorship for Assistant Professors is about more than just tenure; it includes support for a deeper engagement in the department and community. Successful mentorship can extend beyond the formal period, benefiting both mentors and mentees in their careers at UCI.