CTSA Climate Council

  • CTSA Climate Council

For more than a decade, UCI has taken a university-wide approach to equity, diversity and inclusion. Led by the UCI Office of Inclusive Excellence, this charge is about dismantling the systemic barriers of racism and discrimination that have too long been the norm in higher learning and our broader communities. The Office serves the campus priorities and is committed to a transformative, whole university effort grounded in our values: expect equity, support diversity, practice inclusion and honor free speech. UCI’s powerful vision of inclusiveness and change is supported through a dedication to ensuring accountability, providing training and education, conducting responsive research and building sustainable partnerships.

Claire Trevor School of the Arts (CTSA) is taking on this charge by establishing the CTSA Climate Council (CTCC) in a local effort to further support its students, faculty and staff.


CTSA Climate Council (CTCC)


To observe and assess the cultural climate of CTSA, providing support and guidance for the CTSA community, and making recommendations to leadership for improvement.


To be a trusted, proactive body who works with all members of the CTSA community to ensure an inclusive atmosphere.


  • Defining “climate” as the current attitudes, behaviors and standards of students, faculty, and staff concerning the level of respect for individual needs, abilities and potential
  • Establishing a culture that expects equity, supports diversity, practices inclusion, and honors free speech in our daily choices 
  • Ensuring that everyone, regardless of function, contributes to a thriving and healthy school environment
  • Fostering opportunities for everyone to maximize their potential at CTSA
  • Promoting health and welfare of school, alumni, and visitors


The CTCC is non-legislative, and does not override the administrative authority of the Dean, Assistant Dean, Associate Deans, Chairs or Supervisors. The role of the council is complementary to that of Human Resources at the school, and can be seen as an additional resource for the CTSA community.

Community Agreement

The CTCC is a space for students, staff, and faculty to discuss issues of cultural climate at the Claire Trevor School of the Arts. As a Council we agree to maintain accountability, to acknowledge privilege, to center marginalized perspectives, to value and empower all perspectives equally, to practice effective communication, and to display kindness, grace, empathy, and compassion to make the council a safe and welcoming environment.


Representatives of the CTCC include faculty from the four academic departments (Art, Dance, Drama, Music), and staff representing the various operational units at the school, as well as graduate and undergraduate students. Representatives include the Equity Advisor(s) and DECADE Mentors from each department, along with people who mentor others in both formal and informal ways.

2022-23 CTCC Representatives

Megan M. Belmonte (she, her, hers), Co-Chair
Director of Outreach Programs
megan.belmonte@uci.edu | x48976
Megan is an experienced arts manager who connects the Claire Trevor School of the Arts (CTSA) with the community in ways that transform lives. Whether working with a CTSA student, a high school student, a colleague, or one of her faculty partners, Megan connects, collaborates and leads with intention, centering support and mentorship in every interaction. People feel their value, as artists and as humans, through this work, which is what drew Megan to the Climate Council. She works to create a community where everyone knows, feels, demands, and is given their full value. Megan completed a graduate degree in Arts Management at Claremont Graduate University, and an undergraduate degree in Art History at Occidental College, where she was leader on the Women’s Soccer team. Megan loves to bake, LEGO, stretch, travel, and eat.


Isabella Cao
Music/Bio Sci Major


Juliette Carrillo, DECADE Mentor - Drama
Associate Professor of Directing


Robin Darling
Assistant Box Office Manager


Charlotte Griffin
Assistant Professor of Dance


Jodi Lacangan, Co-Chair
Art Major


Monica Majoli, DECADE Mentor - Art

Martha G. Martinez ('12), M.A. (she, her, hers) 
Academic Counselor 
mgmart@uci.edu | x46647 
Martha earned her Bachelor’s degrees in Sociology and Chicano/Latino Studies at UC Irvine. Her favorite memory from her undergraduate years is having participated in the Study Abroad program where she had the opportunity to live and study in Italy. In 2015, Martha completed her Master’s degree in Leadership Development with an emphasis in Higher Education from Chapman University. In the future, she would like to return to school to complete her doctoral degree in Educational Leadership to continue advocating for students from underrepresented backgrounds. Martha loves working with students in her role as academic counselor. She has a passion for serving others and helping students along their journey in higher education. As a first-generation college student, diversity, equity and inclusion is important to Martha. The Climate Council allows her to join forces with other CTSA members to bring awareness and discuss important topics. When she is not at work, Martha loves to explore new places, go on hikes, and spend time in the outdoors.


Vincent Olivieri, Equity Advisor
Professor of Sound Design


Zachary Price
Assistant Professor of Doctoral Studies


Nina Scolnik, DECADE Mentor - Music
Professor of Teaching


Tong Wang, DECADE Mentor - Dance
Associate Professor of Dance


S. Ama Wray
Professor of Dance



The council meets monthly September through June, and as needed. Additional town hall style meetings will be held to invite students, faculty or staff to share information with representatives of the council. Individuals may schedule one-to-one meetings with select representatives of the council by clicking here, or by emailing a representative directly.


A list of resources to support students, staff, and faculty in promoting inclusion, addressing issues, and learning is available by clicking here.