UCI Giving Day 2018

It only takes a little to make a BIG impact.

What is Giving Day?

The 2nd Annual UCI Giving Day was April 25th and here at the Claire Trevor School of the Arts (CTSA) we raised funds for mini-scholarships for students.

We are the #1 school in the US that provides access to a world-class education for all qualified students, no matter what their background and our students rely on the generous support of people, like you, to make their dreams come alive.

But, many students often struggle to pay for things like art supplies, studio class fees, required private music instruction, texts books, and even food! Mini-scholarships assist with these smaller - and often unsung – costs of an arts education at UCI.

What happened?

In just one day, we raised $22,044 from 133 gifts and awarded 31 students scholarships.

You helped us unlock all 4 challenges from challenge donors Cheryl & Richard Ruszat and Tom Nielsen.

We sat down with scholarship recipients on Facebook live to learn more about them, their future plans, and how their scholarship made difference for them.

We proved that Anteaters give back!

Did you miss Giving Day?

Make an impact by making a gift to Claire Trevor School of the Arts today.


2018 Scholarship Recipients

Andrea Welton, Art     |     Anna Olson, Music     |     Charisse Weston, Art     |     Christine Guiyangco, Art     |     Crystal Kim, Drama     |     Erik Smith, Drama     |     Hannah Koury, Music & Digital Film Making     |     Itzel Quintana, Art     |     Jacob Brinkman, Drama     |     Jean Shon, Art     |     Jessica Leyva, Dance     |     Jonathan Lee, Music & Education     |     Joseph King, Drama     |     Kathryn Lynch, Dance & Math     |     Kieran Barry, Drama     |     Kyla Chaney, Dance     |     Lauryn Moles, Drama     |     Mark Micchelli, Musci     |     Matthew Martinez, Drama     |     Naim Dehghany, Music     |     Renée Reizman, Art     |     Samantha Sorin, Drama     |     Sarah Llewelly, Dance     |     Sarah Nearhoff, Drama     |     Shane Wood, Drama     |     Stephanie “Slim” Lim, Drama     |     Tomoko Ozawa, Music     |     Waeli Wang, Dance     |     Wanping Yang, Art     |     Yubo Don, Art     |     Zoe Gofrey-Grinage, Drama

Social Media Highlights

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Interview with Hannah Koury

Interview with Joseph King

Interview with Matthew Martinez

Interview with Jean Shon

Interview with Erik Smith