Support CTSA Scholarships and Fellowships

Student Scholarships and Fellowships

Two of the most important ways to support the Claire Trevor School of the Arts (CTSA) is by providing scholarships and fellowships for students in Art, Dance, Drama, and Music.


Support students so they may attend the Claire Trevor School of the Arts and be our next generation creative leaders. Our scholarships help make a university education possible for CTSA’s need-based students as well as rewarding and fostering our students who exhibit academic or creative excellence.

Scholarships are awarded to undergraduate students.


Support research done at the Claire Trevor School of the Arts that explores new frontiers in the arts through cutting edge research into the nature of the human experience. Fellowships foster the education of our students by supporting research opportunities.

Fellowships are awarded to graduate and professional school students.

Make a Difference

Your support truly makes a difference in shaping the next generation of creative leaders.

To learn more about supporting scholarships and fellowships at the Claire Trevor School of the Arts please contact Sarah Strozza, Director of Development at (949) 824-0629 or