Arts Academic Advising

Arts Student Affairs offers advising services via email, online chat, virtual & in-person drop-in appointments, virtual & in-person scheduled appointments, and how to register for classes.

Office Hours: Monday - Friday: 9 AM - 12 PM and 1 - 4 PM

Location: MAB 101 (!m/83033)!m/83033!m/83033)!m/83033



Application to Graduate Information



Students can either email our general email account or to a specific Arts Academic Counselor or Peer Academic Advisor (please email ONLY ONE account):

General Questions
Academic Counselors
Peer Academic Advisors (PAA)  

As we are dealing with a high volume of emails, please allow at least 24-48 hours for a response. Peer Academic Advisors will only respond to emails during their designated office hours.

If you are a current student, please remember to use your UCI email address when corresponding with anyone at the University.


Arts Chat

*For Winter Break 2022, Spring Break 2023, & Summer 2023, please email to answer your questions.*


Arts Chat is an online live chat service available for students to ask general counseling or advising related questions. Counselors and Peer Academic Advisors from the Arts Student Affairs team will be available at certain times to answer general questions.

Arts Chat is not available during the Winter Break 2022, Spring Break 2023, & Summer 2023.


Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays
9-11:30am & 2-4pm 9am-12pm & 2-4pm 9-11:30am 9-11am & 2-4pm 9-11am & 1-4pm


Hours subject to change depending on availability. All times are PDT.

To Connect, click on the Arts Chat box below or



Walk-in Advising with the Arts Student Affairs Team

*For Winter Break 2022, Spring Break 2023, & Summer 2023, please email for appointment availability.*


Walk-In Virtual Advising - Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters ONLY

Walk-in virtual advising is available depending on the availability of advising staff during the Arts Chat hours (see above). These appointments cannot be scheduled in advance.

To see if an academic counselor is available:
  • Open up Arts Chat
  • Enter your information
  • Wait for a response from a member of the Arts Student Affairs team
  • If an academic counselor is available, you will be provided with a link to meet the counselor
  • Once you receive the link, log off of Arts Chat, and start your advising session


Walk-In In-Person Advising- Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters ONLY

The Arts Student Affairs team will be available for drop-in in-person advising for the following dates and times below during fall quarter:

Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays
9-11:30am & 1-3:45pm 9-11:45am & 2-3:45pm 9-11:30am 9-11:45am & 2-3:45pm 9-11am



Schedule an Appointment with an Academic Counselor

*For Winter Break 2022, Spring Break 2023, & Summer 2023, please email for appointment availability.*


Current UCI students can schedule an appointment with an Arts Academic Counselor. Appointments between the student and academic counselor will be offered virtually or in-person. Appointments are a maximum 20 minutes, so please be prepared with your questions.

To schedule an appointment:     
  • Log into:
  • Click on the “Arts Academic Advising” button
  • Complete the form with your reason for scheduling an appointment. Please be sure to select either in-person or virtual.
  • Pick an available day and time (Appointments are 20 minutes in length and can be scheduled up to two weeks in advance)
  • Submit
  • Accept your invite to confirm your appointment
Please note:
  • Same-day appointments are not available. Check the virtual walk-in schedule or Arts Chat.
  • To cancel or make changes to an appointment, please log back into the system.
  • There is a 3 hour cancelation window. If you do not cancel within the 3 hour window or are a no-show, you will not be allowed to reschedule an appointment for 5 days.
  • Please contact our office if you will be late for your appointment. If you are no-show more than twice a quarter, you will not be allowed to schedule any appointments for the remainder of the quarter and may only meet with an advisor during drop-in hours. 
  • Week 1 each quarter is limited to drop-ins only, appointments begin week 2.
  • ​Graduate Students may only schedule an appointment with Jennifer Wong.
  • Virtual Appointments
    • You will receive a UCI Zoom invite from an academic counselor at least one hour before your appointment.  
    • 5 minutes before your appointment time, access the link in the invite to meet with your counselor. 
    • If you do not show up after 7 minutes, you will be considered a no-show.
  • In-Person Appointments
    • Appointments will be in MAB 101. If the office door is closed, please knock on the door when you arrive.
    • If you do not show up after 7 minutes, you will be considered a no-show.


Spring 2023 Enrollment Schedule & Advising

(For Arts Undergraduates Only)

Need help with planning your schedule? Take a look at our spring 2023 enrollment page:



Students have the responsibility:

  • To schedule and keep academic advising appointments in a timely manner throughout their academic careers to avoid seeking help only during busy registration periods
  • To learn the requirements of their academic program, select courses that meet those requirements in an appropriate timeframe, and monitor their progress toward graduation
  • To meet critical deadlines for functions such as registration, add/drop, and application for graduation
  • To be prepared for advising sessions
  • To continue asking appropriate questions until all concerns are addressed, and to take notes to be able to reference the information later
  • To seek help when needed, not waiting until a crisis develops
  • To inform the advisor of important changes which directly affect academic performance and educational goals
  • To discuss with the advisor any unsatisfactory academic performance and its implications to develop a program of action since the advising process is built on open and honest communication
  • To act, in appropriate circumstances, as an advocate for themselves

Academic Advisors have the responsibility:

  • To help students clarify their values, goals, and better understand themselves
  • To aid students in understanding the nature and purpose of a college education
  • To assist students in developing a well-planned exploratory program to facilitate choice of major and career
  • To provide accurate information about educational options, requirements, policies, and procedures
  • To help students plan educational programs consistent with the requirements of their degree program and with their goals, interests, and abilities
  • To assist students in continual monitoring and evaluation of their educational progress and in solving problems that inhibit that progress
  • To help students identify and integrate the many resources of the University to meet their unique educational needs and goals
  • To encourage students in refining career goals
  • To act, in appropriate circumstances, as an advocate for the student
  • To provide an advising delivery system that includes privacy, reasonable access, and appropriate record keeping

Parents/Family Members have the responsibility:

  • To help and encourage their student with taking responsibility for their own educational experience
  • To remind their student to seek out and connect to their advisor often
  • To support their student as they explore who they are, possible majors, and potential career paths
  • To ask how their student is doing
  • To offer advice, but not to make decisions that their student needs to make for themselves
  • To provide space for the student to make their own mistakes and learn from those as they develop into the person that they hope to be


If you have any questions, please reach out to the team via any of the means listed on this page.