Medici Scholarship Fund Luncheon 2015

Medici Scholarship Fund Luncheon

The Medici Circle annual donor, scholar and mentor luncheon was held on Friday, January 29, 2016 in the Experimental Media Performance Lab (xMPL). Dean Stephen Barker greeted donors and scholarship recipients for a celebration which included testimonials by Jason Gowans, Art Department and Katie Turner, Drama Department.  Medici Donor Sheila Peterson spoke about what it means to her to be a donor for such an electrifying opportunity for UCI Arts students.  

Dean Stephen Barker welcomes guests.

Medici Luncheon in the xMPL.

2015 Medici Circle

Jason Gowans, Art-Presenter
Susan Hori, Donor
Kevin Appel, Mentor (not pictured)

Jason Gowans presenting his solo exhibition in Vancouver, Canada.

Danielle Nieves, Drama
Susan Hori, Donor
Holly Poe Durbin, Mentor

Alex Raby, Drama
Barbara Klein, Donor (not pictured)
Cynthia Bassham, Mentor

Katie Turner, Drama-Presenter
Sheila Peterson, Donor-Presenter
Ketu H. Katrak, Mentor

Katie Turner speaking about her research of the Houghton Theatre Collection at Harvard University.  

Johnathan Gerrard, Music
Sheila Peterson, Donor
Colleen Reardon, Mentor

Sheila Peterson speaking about what it means to her to be a donor.

Molly Jones, Music
Janice Smith, Donor (not pictured)
Nicole Mitchell, Mentor

Mattia Ferroni, Art (not pictured)
Rick and Alison Stein, Donor (not pictured)
Simon Leung, Mentor (not pictured)

Special thanks to Associate Dean for Research Creation John Crawford for his EMERSE project.

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