LASER Talk: Empathy in Electronic Culture

LASER Talk: Empathy in Electronic Culture



Thursday, October 4, 2018

5:30 – 7:30 p.m.

UCI Applied Innovation

As electronic culture becomes increasingly ubiquitous, how are programmers and developers addressing human-like interfaces, interactions, and decision-making – specifically, when it comes the emulation of empathy? Similarly, how can real human empathy be elicited when users interact through programs and digital platforms, instead of face to face? Conversation may include philosophical and ethical topics, in addition to the creative and computational aspects of this growing discussion as it relates to gaming, AR/VR, machine learning, and/or digital assistants. A full speaker list will be published two weeks prior to the event.

Free admission; reservation required

Jointly sponsored by UCI Illuminations and the Beall Center for Art + Technology




The Beall Center received its initial support from the Rockwell Corporation in honor of retired chairman Don Beall and his wife, Joan, the core idea being to merge their lifelong passions – technology, business and the arts – in one place. Today major support is generously provided by the Beall Family Foundation.