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To Promote Inclusion

Diversity at UCI
This page serves as a collection of different resources at UCI that pertain to diversity in and outside of the classroom. Many of the resources listed on this site are also listed here.

Cross-Cultural Center
The mission of this center is to work toward a socially just campus and to provide a space where intersectional cultural identities are celebrated and learned about. They currently hold virtual programs and remote services.

Center for Educational Partnerships
The Center for Educational Partnerships (CFEP) maintains a plethora of academic programs for K-12 students, K-12 teachers, undergraduate students, and to-be transfer students. Programs for undergraduate students include the California Alliance for Minority Participation (CAMP) and Sage Scholars.

Office of Inclusive Excellence
The Office of Inclusive Excellence (OIE) is a campus-wide office that overlooks UCI’s progress toward an equitable, diverse, and inclusive campus. OIE hosts a plethora of educational resources about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) issues, and they hold conferences that tackle anything from Islamophobia to prejudice and bigotry.

Disability Services Center
The Disability Services Center (DSC) serves as the hub for resources for those with disabilities. From note-taking resources to alternate instructional material, the DSC is willing and able to provide for students with disabilities so that they may get the most out of their experience at UCI.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Resource Center
The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Resource Center (LGBTRC) is an open, safe space for people who identify with the LGBT+ community and for allies. Those that participate and engage with the LGBTRC’s programs and community will have opportunities for educating themselves and others, discovering their own identity, and receiving and providing support for academic and emotional growth.

American Indian Resource Program (Currently on Hold)
Based in the UCI School of Education, the American Indian Resource Program is geared toward Tribal and Indigenous students. The focus of this program is to help those students prepare to enter UCI and maximize what they get out of their experience (i.e. lifelong relationships, leadership and professional experience).

Veteran Services Center
The Veterans Services Center (VSC) provides assistance to military-connected students (veterans, reservists, National Guard, active duty, and dependents) with navigating their time at UCI. They help with obtaining U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) education benefits, and they provide scholarships and programs for military-connected students.

International Center
The International Center works to enhance the academic and personal experience of the international community. The International Center provides immigration services, advising, workshops/programs.

Center for Black Cultures, Resources & Research
The mission of the Center for Black Cultures, Resources, and Research (CBCRR) is to provide a just, safe, vibrant, inclusive, culturally supportive, and socio-ecologically sustainable space. This is a creative and academic space where Black people can congregate and exchange ideas. They provide academic advising, financial aid assistance, housing assistance, meal support and more.

To Confront and Address Acts of Exclusion, Discrimination, Harassment, and Intolerance

CTSA Sexual Harassment Advisor (SHA) - Jennifer Fisher
The Sexual Harassment Advisor (SHA) acts as a liaison to the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity (OEOD) providing resources to guide people when a report is received. They can be the first point of contact and will support people through the reporting process.

Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity
The Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity (OEOD) is responsible for UCI’s compliance with federal and state laws and University policies and procedures. * You can file an incident report on retaliation, discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual violence.

Office of the Ombudsman
The purpose of the Office of the Ombudsman is to provide all members of the UCI community (i.e. staff, faculty, and all students) with a safe space to talk about UCI-related problems, complaints or concerns.

Report Acts of Intolerance
This is a formal mechanism for reporting instances of intolerance including, but not limited to, expressions of bias, hate speech, hate crime.

CARE Office
The UCI CARE Office provides free and confidential support services to members of the UCI community impacted by sexual assault, relationship abuse, family violence, and/or stalking.

UCI Counseling Center
The UCI Counseling Center is committed to delivering quality services that help students achieve optimal mental health for academic success, personal growth, and increased capacity to cope with the stresses of being a university student.

Consultation Team
The Team functions as the campus' Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) or threat assessment team. The Consultation Team brings together campus partners to review, discuss and manage a broad array of issues of concern to campus safety or well-being, involving students, faculty, staff and community members.

To Learn and Grow

Glossary of Terms
Here is a glossary that defines some of the vocabulary that comes up often in the context of diversity, equity, and inclusion (including those three words!). Knowing these terms will make any further reading on the subject easier to digest.

What is Inclusion/Exclusion and why is it an issue?

Inclusion refers to how diversity is leveraged to create a fair, equitable, healthy, and high-performing organization or community where all individuals are respected, feel engaged and motivated, and their contributions toward meeting organizational and societal goals are valued. 

Here are two videos that explore how diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) play a part in the education system and the personal lives of people across the country.

WATCH: On Diversity: Access Ain’t Inclusion | Anthony Jack | TEDxCambridge
WATCH: Unlocking the potential of diversity in education | Sagithjan Surendra | TEDxRuhrUniversityBochum

How does this affect me?/ Why should I do anything about it?

Here are three articles that address lack of representation and inclusion, and the benefits of diversity and inclusion in the classroom.

READ: Women and Minorities Underrepresented in Corporate Boards
READ: Diversity is Useless Without Inclusivity
READ: Benefits of Inclusion and Diversity in the Classroom

I am ready to proactively advocate for inclusion and confront exclusion in my everyday life. How can I do something about it? 

Here is a list of different programs and workshops provided by UCI’s Office of Inclusive Excellence and other social service units on campus that provide education about current issues, inclusion, and ways to combat intolerance and exclusion, along with some videos and articles to support implementing DEI into every day life.

TRAIN: UCI Inclusive Excellence Action Plan | Act for Inclusion
TRAIN: ZotAbility Ally | UCI Disability Services 
TRAIN: UndocuAlly | UCI Dream Center
TRAIN: Safe Zone Training | UCI LGBT Resource Center
WATCH: 3 ways to be more inclusive | Aduke Onafowokan | TEDxBonnSquareSalon
WATCH: Cultivating a culture of inclusion
READ: Equity and Inclusion: The Roots of Organizational Well-Being

To Find More Support, Information, and Resources

UCI Guide App
Currently only available for Android. This guide is a collection of resources for undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral scholars and staff. From health & wellness to academics, many of the resources available to students and staff on campus can be found in this app.

Campus Assist List
The Campus Assist List is an online collection of campus and community resources for low-cost community services, including basic needs, medical, and local mental health and counseling providers.

Mental Health Training Webinars for Faculty
On this page you will find a curated list of pre-recorded webinars available on demand on pertinent mental health topics for UCI and UCI Health faculty. Where possible, you are also provided with supplemental materials for each training. The trainings are organized into three areas: Student Mental Health, Faculty Mental Health, and Creating Healthy Environments.

Managing Distress in the University Community
Learn skills to respond to an individual who is distressed or who is causing distress by registering for one, two, or all three free educational workshops and learn the skills necessary to diffuse situations before they
get serious. Make a positive impact on the lives of students, co-workers, and the UCI community.

Assisting Students in Distress - Red Folder
Find information to help discern whether a situation is an emergency and whom to contact for a variety of scenarios. Physical copies available upon request.