Arts Events Parking Permits

Register for parking online! Parking permits are just $13* using code CTSAPARK, when purchased at least the day before you visit campus! The code is not case sensitive.

Arts Events Parking Permits
UCI Park By Plate | code: CTSAPARK

* Guests may purchase the permit at $13 before the day of the event. At midnight, the rate is $15+ on the day of the event. No refunds are provided once the reservation has been made.

1. Enter code CTSAPARK
2. Submit required info
3. Confirm registration

1. Enter parking code CTSAPARK
2. Click Next
3. Select the date and enter required info

Where to Park:
General Stall Only

  • Irvine Barclay Theatre (IBT): Student Center Parking Structure (SCPS)
    • IBT address: 4242 Campus Dr. | Irvine, CA 92612
  • All other venues: Mesa Parking Structure (MPS)
    • MPS address: 4000 Mesa Rd. | Irvine, CA 92617

  •  All changes to the reservation can be done via email confirmation, from
  • Guests may change the date of the event before the event starts. For example, if you purchase for 6/30/24, you may change for another day any time before 6/30/24.
  • Guests may also update the license up to one time.