Dean López Delivers Inspiring Farewell Speech at OCSA

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    Dean Tiffany López
Dean López at OCSA's graduation. Photo by Megan Belmonte.

UC Irvine Claire Trevor School of the Arts Dean shares messages of communion and inspiration at high school graduation

Dean Tiffany Ana López from UC Irvine’s Claire Trevor School of the Arts recently gave a heartfelt farewell speech to the class of 2024 at the Orange County School of the Arts (OCSA). OCSA is a renowned public charter school that offers students a rigorous academic program alongside pre-professional arts training in music, dance, theatre and visual arts. Dean López expressed her honor to address the graduating class, highlighting the significance of connection and personal growth within the arts.

“You all are in a unique position because OCSA’s goal and its focus is to create a community,” shared López. “One where you can learn valuable skills, practice and experiment and grow and learn together in the journey of making the work.” 

Drawing from her own experiences, she encouraged graduates to embrace their unique vision, voice and intentionality as they move forward in their careers. López also provided practical advice on being present and confident in their artistic endeavors. 

“Presence begins with taking in the moment,” shared López. “Breathe. Look around. Your experiences, all of them, in all their wonderful complexity, are your source of insight. You feel it when you are on the right path. It’s your compass, what theatre artist Anne Bogart calls a ‘body barometer.’” 

Dean López’s words served as a powerful reminder for graduates to take pride in their achievements and to look ahead with purpose and inspiration. Congratulations to the OSCA’s class of 2024 on their remarkable achievements!