Women Fighting Sexism in Jazz Have a Voice. And Now, a Code of Conduct.

Nine of the 14 members of the We Have Voice Collective, which is releasing a Code of Conduct for the improvised-music community, photographed at the Jazz Gallery in Manhattan. Clockwise from top left: Imani Uzuri, Tamar Sella, Ganavya Doraiswamy, Sara Ser

The We Have Voice Collective, a new group of female and non-binary musicians in jazz and experimental music, plans to release a Code of Conduct on Tuesday that aims to build upon the conversations sparked by jazz’s own #MeToo movement, clearly articulating what a more equitable workplace might look like and setting expectations for change.

The first wave of adoptees includes Winter Jazzfest in Manhattan, the Banff International Workshop in Jazz & Creative Music and Biophilia Records. The flutist Nicole Mitchell, a collective member, suggested that adherence to the document could become “a mark of distinction, and a certain kind of elegance” for institutions in the jazz world.