UCI Faculty Member Jason Harnell Released Solo Album “Total Harnage”

On Sunday, May 12th,there was a release party at The Baked Potato --- a jazz club housing talented, upcoming musical artists since 1970 (thebakedpotato.com) --- for UCI Music Department Faculty Member Jason Harnell who debuted his first solo album entitled “TOTAL HARNAGE.”  Harnell is a world-renowned drummer, educator, and jazz music influencer and has been for the past twenty-five years. His album,  “TOTAL HARNAGE,”is available on vinyl and USB/flash drive and can be found on his website. Please help Harnell celebrate this great accomplishment!

“The Jason Harnell Solo Drum Experience is a mind-blowing, multimedia exploration through sight, sound, and rhythm. Jason's solo drum concerts are consistently sold out, one of a kind events that tantalize the senses and explore the outer reaches of the musical cosmos. It’s completely unique and personal, as well as interactive, inclusive and fun!”