UAG presents "B L U E W A V E" by the late artist Lutz Bacher

Lutz Bacher, Moskva, 2019, Digital pigment print, detail


B L U E  W A V E  L u t z  B a c h e r

"You are here and you have me and we are daring and desperate and dangerous operatives saving the world and planning the destruction of evil"

IRVINE, Calif. – UC Irvine’s University Art Galleries is pleased to present B L U E  W A V E  L u t z  B a c h e r in multiple exhibition spaces including the University Art Gallery (UAG) and the Contemporary Art Center (CAC) gallery, and across campus including the lobby of the CAC and multiple computer labs. The exhibition is the final large-scale multimedia installation of the late artist’s forty-year career, produced in the seven months before her death in May 2019. The exhibition features never before seen work, including Moskva (2019), which consists of nearly 100 prints, acting as the centerpiece of the show. The images consist of cut-and-paste dialogue mined from numerous Russian spy novels and various abstract interventions. Pieces include both graphic (such as overlapping papers, shadows, and arrows) and built up variations of value and color, which occurred during their Xeroxing/scanning process. Harkening back to the artist’s seminal work The Lee Harvey Oswald Interview (1976), this unframed work will be installed in the Contemporary Art Center Gallery. Rocket (2016-18), initially commissioned for SITE Santa Fe, will be installed inside the glass wall lobby of the Contemporary Art Center, rendering it visible from outside of the building. A new two-channel video projection, Blue Wave (2019), will be installed inside the University Art Gallery and another new work, a series of short videos Bacher titled Modules (2018-19), will be screened continuously in multiple computer labs throughout UC Irvine’s Art department. The exhibtion is organized by Prof. of Art Monica Majoli be will be on display through Saturday, December 14, 2019. Admission is free and open to the public.