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The Human Fascination With Birds: It Passes Like a Thought

“It Passes Like a Thought,” a spring art exhibition currently located at the Beall Center for Art and Technology, explores the “flight, birdsong and the aesthetic variation of avian species through the work of several intermedia artists.”

“Plumas Negras” Tells the Story of Generations

"Plumas Negras" tells the story of a multi-generational legacy

UCI Drama Presents: “Mrs. Packard” Refuses to Be Silenced

UCI Drama Presents: “Mrs. Packard” Refuses to Be Silenced

Latin American Art Goes Global With These Expansive Exhibitions

Latin American exhibition,“Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA" goes global

Pacific Life Foundation Announces $7 Million Giving Program for 2018

The Pacific Life Foundation distributing $1.35 million in grants to Claire Trevor

UC Irvine drama program to present “Mrs. Packard,” portraying 19th century women’s rights advocate

UCI presents Mrs. Packard a portrayal of early advocate for woman's rights and mentally ill.

Discover the Next Wave of Los Angeles Contemporary Artists at GLAMFA

GLAMFA is featuring the work of MFA students in the greater Los Angeles area

A Controversial German Philosopher Inspires a UC Irvine Exhibit's Exploration of 'Us' and 'Them'

OC Weekly art critic Dave Barton reviews the current UAG exhibtion “Schmitt, You and Me” by Omar Mismar and curated by Juli Carson and on view through December 16th in the Room Gallery. (Photo by Jeff McLane)

A storied art collection shrouded in mystery will anchor new UC Irvine museum

UC Irvine has been gifted the the storied Buck Collection for its planned Museum and Institute of California Art, or MICA.

California University Receives Trove of Art From Collector

A rare trove of contemporary art, the Buck Collection, has been gifted to UC Irvine

Inside the Buck Collection

VIDEO: A rare look inside the Buck collection donated to UC Irvine.

Rock opera 'Chess' develops a metaphor for political and romantic intrigue

Cris Gross from the LA Times interviews director Robin Buck about the Department of Drama's production of CHESS, part of the 2017/18 Season "The Business of Politics/The Politics of Business." .

Irvine Museum showcases ‘Moods of California’ and the state's Impressionists

“With this gift, UCI is receiving one of the finest collections of California Impressionism of any entity in California, and perhaps the world,” Stephen Barker, dean of the Claire Trevor School of the Arts, said in the announcement."

New Swan Shakespeare Festival named Best Theater/Playhouse in OC Weekly’s “Best of 2017” issue

"Yes, the theater founded by UC Irvine professor Eli Simon benefits from close access to the infrastructure, as well as the past and present talent of the university, and to compare its output—two plays and a handful of special events each summer..."

Dessen jazz trio explores the sounds of science by improvising with software

Los Angeles Times reporter Cristofer Gross features Professors Michael Dessen and Nicole Mitchell regarding their upcoming concert at the Irvine Barclay Theatre on October 26.