UCI Drama alum scores critical praise for horror thriller

  • Ryan Imhoff
    Ryan Imhoff

Ryan Imhoff, M.F.A. Acting ’11 and New Swan Shakespeare Festival alum,  has written and directed the award-winning horror film Fresh Hell, which has won Best Feature Film at four film festivals dedicated to the horror genre.

“This film was created on a string and a prayer by a group of theater artists locked out of their livelihoods by the pandemic. It is very much an expression of what we were all going through in that exquisitely horrific year of 2020,” says Imhoff. “That said, it’s also a comedy!”

The film features many UCI and fellow New Swan alums, including Crystal Kim (M.F.A. ’20), Erika Haaland (M.F.A. ’08), Grant Lancaster (M.F.A. ’13), Alison Plott (M.F.A. ’11), Caitlin Conklin (B.A. ’21), Randolph Thompson (New Swan), Becca Rowland (B.A. ’18) and Gavin Mueller (M.F.A. ’19).

“Making a movie as a first-time filmmaker (during a pandemic) was challenging to say the least. Frankly, it was a nightmare,” says Imhoff. “But against all odds, it came together, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.”

The film has also received critical praise. BloodGuts UK wrote, “There is no denying that this small independent film does more for the horror genre than most big studio releases.” Fresh Hell is now available to rent or purchase on Amazon, Vudu and DVD.

Images: (top) Ryan Imoff (link) Poster art for Fresh Hell.

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