Rock opera 'Chess' develops a metaphor for political and romantic intrigue

Cris Gross from the LA Times interviews director Robin Buck about the Department of Drama's production of CHESS, part of the 2017/18 Season "The Business of Politics/The Politics of Business." .

New Swan Shakespeare Festival named Best Theater/Playhouse in OC Weekly’s “Best of 2017” issue

"Yes, the theater founded by UC Irvine professor Eli Simon benefits from close access to the infrastructure, as well as the past and present talent of the university, and to compare its output—two plays and a handful of special events each summer..."

‘Tempest’ in Irvine sweeps us to a land where magic is the norm

Eric Marchese from the Orange County Register reviews New Swan Shakespeare Festival's THE TEMPEST.

In Irvine, ‘Shrew’ pits rebel ’70s against conformist ’80s

Eric Marchese from the Orange County Register reviews New Swan Shakespeare Festival's THE TAMING OF THE SHREW.

New Swan Shakespeare Festival Returns With THE TEMPEST and THE TAMING OF THE SHREW

Critic Joel Beers from OC WEEKLY reviews New Swan Shakespeare Festival's productions of THE TEMPEST and THE TAMING OF THE SHREW.

On Theater: UCI's sixth New Swan Theater festival will feature ‘Tempest’ and ‘Shrew’

Tom Titus review's New Swan Shakespeare Festival's sixth season.

UCI Drama’s “Avenue Q” Puts Adulthood to Music, Comedy, and Puppets

The New University's reporter Hubert Ta reviews UCI Drama's spring musical, AVENUE Q.

“The Man Who Killed the Cure” To Save the Sickness Industry

Jared Aaron Alokozai from The New University reviews the recent UCI Drama production “The Man Who Killed the Cure” written by playwright Luke Yankee and directed by Prof. Don Hill.

25 Amazing Acting Colleges You Should Know

The Department of Drama is is named in Backstage Magazines "25 Amazing Acting Colleges You Should Know" article by Allie White.

Sound Design for Video Games: Bridging the Gap Between Departments

The videogame industry is a rising and ever changing industry. It takes innovation and determination to stay ahead of the curve. Vincent Olivieri and Richert Wang are well aware of that.

Summer Shakespeare: A critic's take on the secret to theatrical success

By Charles McNulty, Theater Critic August 16, 2016 Summer Shakespeare. These words can strike fear in the heart of a reluctant theatergoer. Yes, the plays are supposed to be good for you. But semiprofessional productions in which the artistic company...

Shakespeare Invades OC This Summer

... But the Shakespeare that ought to get the pulse of any Shakespeare-lover truly pulsing can be found in the county's most unique theater: the New Swan, a portable, 16-ton, three-level, steel-and-wood cylinder stationed on the campus of UC Irvine...

On Theater: UCI brushing up its Shakespeare

For a fellow who's been pondering whether to be or not to be since the 16th century, "Hamlet" certainly still gets around, especially around Orange County. Shakespeare's greatest tragedy is currently being offered at three countywide venues — Costa Mesa'

Theater setting gives the Bard that extra something

New Swan Shakespeare Festival's fifth season is featured in the Daily Pilot. (Photo by Paul R. Kennedy)

The Top 25 Undergraduate Drama Schools Ranked

Aspiring thesps can follow in the footsteps of some of the industry's biggest stars, who got their start at these top programs.

THR Ranks the 25 Best Drama Schools for an MFA

There are enough schools offering master's degrees in the performing arts to fill every page of this magazine — about 17,000 students get an MFA degree a year. Of course, a lot of those diplomas aren't worth the parchment they're printed on, much less...

One Story, Two Rooms: The Telematic Project

Responsibility. Heroes. Morals versus rules. Bureaucracy. Confusion. Desperation. Siblings. Chaos. Fuck the man! Distance versus closeness. Passive aggressiveness. Safety. Fire. Decisions. Privilege. This potpourri comprises the smattering of audience...

“Clybourne Park” Debuts Sunday and Unapologetically Mirrors Racial Tensions

If the purpose of theater is to hold a cracked mirror to society, then UCI drama’s latest production unapologetically reflected ugly truths, as Bruce Norris’ “Clybourne Park” premiered last Saturday at Claire Trevor’s Robert Cohen Theater. Actress...