Women in Global Music (WIGM): Network Launch

Women in Global Music (WIGM): Network Launch

Online Launch of the Women in Global Music (WIGM) Research and Industry Network


June 11-19, 2021

Various events and times - see schedule below


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About this event
The launch of the Women in Global Music (WIGM) Network features wide-ranging panels and discussions led by its international team of advisors and their invited co-speakers.

Download the full program booklet here.

PDT: Pacific Daylight Time
BST: British Summer Time
CEST: Central European Summer Time
CST: China Standard Time
SGT: Singapore Time
MYT: Malaysia Time
AEST: Australian Eastern Standard Time

Friday 11 June
7.45am (PDT) | 3.45pm (BST) | 4.45pm (CEST) | 10.45pm (CST-SGT-MYT)
Saturday 12 June
12.45am (AEST)

Opening remarks
Joe Davies and Yvonne Liao

Friday 11 June
8.00am (PDT) | 4.00pm (BST) | 5.00pm (CEST) | 11.00pm (CST-SGT-MYT)
Saturday 12 June
01.00am (AEST)

Women Composers and the Undergraduate Music Curriculum
Speakers: Nicole Grimes, Róisín Maher, Isabelle O’Connell, Laura Watson

Friday 11 June
9.00am (PDT) | 5.00pm (BST) | 6.00pm (CEST)
Saturday 12 June
12.00am (CST-SGT-MYT) | 02.00am (AEST)

Women in Music: Past, Present, and Future
A Conversation with Susan Wollenberg

Thursday 17 June
3.00pm (PDT) | 11.00pm (BST)
Friday 18 June
12.00am (CEST) | 06.00am (CST-SGT-MYT) | 8.00am (AEST)

‘Promise Me You’re Never the Victim’: Women Musicians’ Narratives of Identity and Creativity in the Wake of the Disclosure of Sexual Abuse
Speakers: Catherine Strong, Rosemary Hill, Bianca Fileborn

Friday 18 June
5.00am (PDT) | 1.00pm (BST) | 2.00pm (CEST) | 8.00pm (CST-SGT-MYT) | 10.00pm (AEST)

Music that Represents and Binds Us: Sarawak Indigenous Popular Music, Identity, and Sense of Belonging
Speaker: Collin Jerome

Friday 18 June
6.00am (PDT) | 2.00pm (BST) | 3.00pm (CEST) | 9.00pm (CST-SGT-MYT) | 11.00pm (AEST)

Self-Alienation in Joyce Koh’s TAI
Speaker: Gavin Lee

Friday 18 June
7.00am (PDT) | 3.00pm (BST) | 4.00pm (CEST) | 10.00pm (CST-SGT-MYT)
Saturday 19 June
12.00am (AEST)

Shades of Grey in Digital Music
Speakers: Veronica Neo, Lara Baker, James Fleury

Friday 18 June
9.00am (PDT) | 5.00pm (BST) | 6.00pm (CEST)
Saturday 19 June
12.00am (CST-SGT-MYT) | 02.00am (AEST)

Sounding a Black Feminist Historiography
Speakers: Samantha Ege, Ambre Dromgoole, A. Kori Hill
WIGM has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No. 894071.

June 11, 2021 - 7:45 am to June 19, 2021 - 11:55 pm
June 19, 2021 - 12:00 am to 11:55 pm