Undergraduate Honors Thesis Exhibition Publication Launched

Land Of The Not Land Of The Home Of The Not Home Of

UCI 2020 Honors in Art Cohort

The publication accompaniment to the 2020 Undergraduate Honors Thesis Exhibition

Works by Cristina Barragan, Joanna Koo, Kelsey Aileen Kuykendall, Gabriella Salinardo, Ryan Wang, Lily Welling

May 25, 2020 to Jun 12, 2020

As their thesis exhibition was canceled along with many other exhibitions overnight due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, the 2020 Honors in Art Cohort at the University of California, Irvine, were forced to immediately shift their studio practices to function under strict social distancing measures. This publication functions as a document that actively archives the student's work and their desire to continue collaborating and sharing their work both before and during the pandemic.
A printed version of the publication is available for purchase through Blurb here.

[free digital download] LandOfTheNotLandOfTheHomeOfTheNotHomeOf.pdf

"Land Of The Not Land Of The Home Of The Not Home Of," 2020, UCI Honors in Art Cohort.


Image: Cover of "Land Of The Not Land Of The Home Of The Not Home Of" (Cover design appropriated from a meme.)