Undergraduate Honors Thesis Exhibition

Undergraduate Honors Thesis Exhibition

Presented by the University Art Galleries (UAG)

May 25 - June 12, 2020

via the UAG website and Instagram

Due to the current pandemic, the yearly Undergraduate Honors Thesis Exhibition has been postponed. The show was originally scheduled to open June 4 through June 12, and feature works by Cristina Barragan, Joanna Koo, Kelsey Aileen Kuykendall, Gabriella Salinardo, Ryan Wang and Lily Welling. The pandemic has caused major restraints for the students this quarter working remotely without access to their studios. In lieu of an opening reception, the UAG will feature the artists through a unique series of live Artist on Artist interviews on the UAG Instagram account (@uag_ucirvine), Artist Highlights and Live Screenings of the artist’s work and production during the pandemic. The UAG will begin releasing content for their projects between May 25 - June 12, 2020.

The June 4 interview has been rescheduled to June 12.

In addition to the Artist on Artist interviews, we will be sharing Artist Highlights on the UAG Instagram account featuring the artist’s bios and work. For the first highlight, the UAG will be sharing a special Live Screening online of Ryan Wang’s new documentary Light in the Mist. Stay tuned for the screening date and weblink.  
Lastly, the UAG will be releasing an online publication for the Undergraduate Honors Thesis Exhibition available on the UAG website (uag.arts.uci.edu) in June.

Follow the UAG website (uag.arts.uci.edu) and Instagram (@uag_ucirvine) account for more for updates and news.

The UAG is also sharing highlights from the archive, and ways to stay connected #UAGconnected.