UCI Symphony Orchestra Concert at Bill Medley Auditorium

UCI Symphony Orchestra Concert 

Dr. Stephen Tucker, conductor


Saturday, December 2, 2017

7:00 pm

Bill Medley Auditorium, Santa Ana High School, 520 W. Walnut St., Santa Ana, 92701

Six years ago the UCI Symphony Orchestra, led by Maestro Tucker, adopted the Santa Ana High School (SAHS) Symphony Orchestra. The partnership was designed to build awareness of the university experience to make it a tangible goal for the SAHS students; increase access to arts resources; and cultivate engaged young artists, the Trevor School students, who will become involved citizens in their communities not just in the arts. The UCI Symphony Orchestra will perform a full concert in Santa Ana, continuing the intersection of our two communities for the benefit of both.

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UC Irvine (UCI) and Santa Ana High School (SAHS) Collaboration

“This collaboration has never been about developing musicians, it has always been about developing young people who have been valued and encouraged in a way that they can now see themselves going to college, continuing their education and taking advantage of opportunities. Music is how we are connecting with them, but this is bigger than music,” – Dr. Stephen Tucker.

UC Irvine (UCI)’s Claire Trevor School of the Arts is proud to support Santa Ana High School’s Music program, its students, teachers, and the community. Santa Ana’s students are underserved. Opportunities like those afforded them by our collaboration impact them more deeply, more meaningfully, because they can begin to see themselves outside of Santa Ana. Through music, young people are valued and encouraged to embrace opportunity.

Beginning in 2012, UCI Symphony Orchestra Maestro Dr. Stephen Tucker adopted the SAHS Symphony Orchestra. The first year included a master class taught by Dr. Tucker and a short concert during which the SAHS Symphony Orchestra played side-by-side with the UCI Symphony Orchestra at Bill Medley Auditorium in Santa Ana.

To develop a deeper collaboration that would serve both SAHS and UCI students as well as the community, Dr. Tucker and the teachers at SAHS established goals for the collaboration including 1.) building students’ awareness of the university experience making it a tangible goal for them; 2.) exposing students to the arts at a college level; 3.) emphasizing the value of music and music education; 4.) cultivating engaged young artists who will become engaged citizens in their communities; 5.) increasing access to the arts resources available at UCI.

To achieve these goals each year, the team plans a combination of events on campus at UCI and in the classroom at SAHS including 1.) SAHS students travel to UCI to observe the UCI Symphony Orchestra’s rehearsals, rehearse side-by-side, receive a guided tour of the Trevor School, and hear from Academic Counselors and current students; 2.) Dr. Tucker leads several master classes at SAHS; 3.) musicians from UCI coach SAHS students one-on-one 4.) the UCI Symphony Orchestra and the SAHS Symphony Orchestra present a combined concert at SAHS.

As a result of this collaboration, SAHS has seen an increase in students applying to college, and for the first time in 2016-17, an SAHS student was accepted into UCI’s Claire Trevor School of the Arts as a Music Major. Because of the success of the Music Department collaboration, we established similar relationships between the Art, Dance, and Drama Departments at SAHS and UCI.