ICIT Music 236 : New Works for Hub New Music

ICIT Music 236 : New Works for Hub New Music

Released on June 13th, the album ICIT Music 236 : New Works for Hub New Music is a collection of original works recorded in Spring 2020 featuring composer/producers in the Integrated Composition Improvisation and Technology (ICIT) program at UC Irvine and the Boston-based mixed quartet, Hub New Music.

The members of Hub New Music recorded their individual parts separately as, during this period of quarantine, they were located in Massachusetts, Maine, and California. The recordings were then edited, mixed, and produced by the composers in the seminar who were mostly in Southern California, with one in Europe.

For the backstory behind and more details about the album, please visit: https://music.arts.uci.edu/icit/236s20/

All proceeds from the album received by the artists will be donated to organizations fighting against systemic racial injustices.

Producer/composers: Antonin Fajt, Atticus Reynolds, Chris Hadley, Corey Fogel, James Ilgenfritz, Niloufar Shiri, Teerath Majumder. music.arts.uci.edu/icit/

Hub New Music: Alyssa Wang (violin), Jesse Christeson (cello), Michael Avitabile (flute, Executive Director), Nicholas Brown (clarinet). www.hubnewmusic.org.