The Gedanken Room (2021) a film by Omar Costa Hamido

  • The Gedanken Room (2021)

The Gedanken Room (2021)

a film by Omar Costa Hamido

with Tina Raymond, Will Vinson, Niloufar Shiri, Waeli Wang, JNTHN Stein, and Omar Hamido

cinematography by Grant Speich

audio engineering by G. Blake Harrison-Lane


June 9, 2021
11:00 a.m.

Welcome to "The Gedanken Room," a place to carry thought experiments. In this film-recital, composer-director Omar Costa Hamido (OCH) explores the implications of Quantum Computing (QC) for music composition and improvisation. Presenting a concert of original compositions created for a line up of performer-improvisers in Jazz, Contemporary, and Electronic Music, performances emerge in the middle of the void as a series of experiments. Great emphasis is put in the use of realtime electronics, whether it be to enable the telematic connection and live processing, or in using QC to design sounds in the new synthesizer, generate notes and musical structures on the fly, and control live audio effects.

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Wednesday Jun 9, 2021, 11:00 am