Arts Advocates: Tinnie Grewal

Tinnie Grewal / Photo by Will Tee Yang


Q&A with Tinnie Grewal

Tinnie Grewal is a longtime member of the Dean’s Advisory Board, a group of diverse individuals who foster closer ties between the school, its alumni and the community while also shaping and implementing the vision and goals for the Claire Trevor School of the Arts. We recently sat down with her to learn more about her passion for arts and her involvement with the school.

Q. How did you become involved with CTSA?

TG: Many years ago, when I moved from Los Angeles, a friend invited us to a play at the Claire Trevor School of the Arts. At the time, I knew nothing about the arts at UCI. I was so impressed with the play, a production of Our Town. It was an undergraduate performance and was so well done — just blew me away! Culturally, OC felt a bit limited compared to LA, so it was exciting to find this creative, engaging corner of the university. Soon after, I joined the Dean’s Advisory Board.

Q.  What are your current areas of interest in the school?

TG: Arts as a whole have always interested me and, at CTSA, all the disciplines are of such a high standard. But studio art has always been a passion of mine. As my involvement with the school grew, I became intrigued with the idea of greater engagement and involvement with South Asian art and artists. So I started to think of ways we could build cross-border relationships between CTSA and the South Asia art community. I’m working with the dean and the advisory board to help build relationships with institutions in India to partner on a dialogue about arts in the South Asian context.

Q. Global and local arts outreach is a pillar for CTSA. Why is it important to you?

TG: I’ve always believed that art is like an oasis, something that transcends language and culture and social barriers. Art creates awareness, understanding and appreciation between people that goes far beyond the art itself. It is a language that is beyond language. Our communities are so much better because of art involvement and outreach.

Q. Over the years, in what ways have you supported the school?

TG: I’ve given the school financial support and sponsored events. But I also enjoy serving as an ambassador to the school, introducing the larger community to the incredible talent and creativity within CTSA. I enjoy introducing others to this little gem.

Q. What was your favorite CTSA production or show over the years?

TG: I can’t pick just one!

Q. Why do you feel it’s important for others to support CTSA?

TG: If the community does not support the arts, art dies. CTSA is a catalyst for creativity and innovation in the arts in Orange County. The artists of tomorrow are being nurtured right here, and by supporting them we can foster a vibrant and exciting art scene in Orange County. Our support is essential to let this gem grow and shine. 

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