New Student Orientation

Summer Orientation:

Freshmen must complete the Anteater Zot Start tutorial BEFORE registering for an orientation program.  Anteater Zot Start provides information about placement testing, general education requirements, majors, class schedule, class registration, and other special programs.

Freshmen Orientation Dates: 

SPOP 1       July 14, 2017

SPOP 3       July 24, 2017

SPOP 4       July 29, 2017

SPOP 5       August 4, 2017

SPOP 7      August 14, 2017

SPOP 9      August 23, 2017

SPOP 10      August 28, 2017

International Student Orientation        September 19-21, 2017

For more information visit the Orientation website.

Transfer Academic Advising Dates for Arts:

Session 1    June 20, 2017

Session 2    June 22, 2017

Session 3    June 23, 2017

Session 4    June 27, 2017

Session 5    June 29, 2017

*More information will be emailed to incoming transfer students in early June.

Please view the following information before your Orientation:

  • UCI General Catalogue - Refer to the Catalogue for course descriptions, university policies, preqrequisite information, and major and minor requirements 

  • Graduation Requirements - Requirements to graduate with an undergraduate degree from the Claire Trevor School of the Arts at UCI 

  • Major Requirements - Undergraduate Degree Requirements for your major 

  • Registering for Classes - View this PowerPoint for directions on how to register for classes. More information on registering for classes and logging into WebReg is available here.

  • Schedule of Classes - View all of the course offerings for the upcoming quarter 

  • New Student Checklist - View the New Student Checklist for Freshmen and Transfers 

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