July 10 - August 29
2015 New Swan Shakespeare Festival Under the Stars! One of Shakespeare's most famous tragedies in a setting like no other. Three witches spin a tale that hints at glory, and catches the brave Macbeth and his power thirsty wife in a bloody net.
July 12 - August 30
2015 New Swan Shakespeare Festival Under the Stars! WWII has ended, bringing home the victors and the vanquished, but for Beatrice and Benedick, the merry war of words has just begun.
July 27
Claire Trevor School of the Arts Department of Art launched the new Digital Filmmaking Minor open to all students at UCI.
August 29
Come see the six brand new musicals written by our competition winners from across the U.S.A. Hosted by the Department of Drama. The six finalist musicals will be presented in an evening of staged readings at UC Irvine’s Claire Trevor Theatre.
September 25
Glorious Ravage - Lisa Mezzacappa, Composer and Director. A panoramic, multimedia, free jazz song cycle inspired by Victorian lady adventurers.
October 3 to December 12 - October 3
A Performative Trigger: Radicals of Irvine considers Chris Burden’s often-dangerous early performance work as a moment of resistance in the climate of Nixonian conservatism in the early seventies. What was it about Irvine that produced such radical acts?
October 3 to December 12 - October 3
The Libidinal Economies Film series addresses the various Wall Street crashes from the 1980s to present. Although the New York Stock Exchange and the art world constitute two distinct physical locations, they are connected through money and desire.
October 3 - October 2
Los Angeles Philharmonic Principal Cellist Robert deMaine along with Trio Céleste pianist Kevin Kwan Loucks perform in a special season-opening duo recital featuring Sergei Rachmaninoff's passionate Sonata for Cello and Piano.
October 24
Family Day events include hands-on art and science activities, art and technology demonstrations, videos and more. It’s a fun-filled day for the entire family!
October 24
Time travel back to the eighteenth and nineteenth-centuries as John Schneiderman and Hideki Yamaya perform baroque, pre-classical and romantic music on an arsenal of period plucked string instruments.