Guest Artist Series: Jody Sperling

Guest Artist Series

Jody Sperling

Residency September 27 - 28, 2016



Tuesday, September 27 

Dance Composition class
Dance History class
(CLOSED SESSIONS) Open to UCI Dance students only

Wednesday, September 28

Masterclass - dance technique inspired by modern dance pioneer Loïe Fuller
Lecture Presentation - In the Arctic
(CLOSED SESSIONS) Open to UCI Dance students only

A dancer-choreographer from NYC, Jody Sperling is the Artistic Director of Time Lapse Dance. She has created more than 40 works and has performed or taught in the US, Bahrain, Canada, France, India, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Nigeria, Russia, Scotland and in the Arctic Circle. In 2014, Sperling participated in a polar science mission to the Arctic as the first choreographer-in-residence aboard a US Coast Guard icebreaker. During the expedition, she danced on polar sea ice and made the award-winning dance film Ice Floe. Since then, Sperling has produced works transporting her Arctic experience to the stage. For her company, Sperling has forged a unique style inspired by modern dance pioneer Loïe Fuller. Internationally regarded as the leading exponent of Fuller’s genre, she has taken the idiom into innovative directions. Sperling is the choreographer, creative consultant and coach for the forthcoming French feature film La Danseuse (2016) inspired by Fuller’s life.