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Dance Students participate in master classs at SCFTA with Alvin Ailey

Six Dance students were selected to participate in a master class at SCFTA with Alvin Ailey.

Enjoying the Music of UCI Jazz

The UCI Jazz Small Groups concert kicked off Wednesday night with cheers and shouts from an enthusiastic crowd of jazz fans and students alike. The concert, which featured three combo groups of students led by faculty members, was held in the packed Winifred Smith Hall and displayed the immense talent of the jazz students of the UCI Music Department.

Student Gabe Mallari, who played both the electric bass and upright bass within the groups, has only been playing the latter for about 10 weeks, yet was amazing at both. He unleashed several incredible electric bass solos, all while dancing and bobbing his head, evoking applause and cheers  each time.

“There is no feeling that can come close to comparing to how I feel performing,” Mallari said. “There is nothing else on my mind except the music in front of me. It’s an intense rush of focus that literally blocks any thoughts from floating into my head. Because of that, whenever I perform, I’m not worrying or stressing...

New University higlights the University Art Galleries

The University Art Galleries premiered three new exhibitions on Jan. 13 which will be open for visitation until Feb. 10. These exhibitions explore a variety of topics and themes and provide immersive elements to place you into the artist’s world. The exhibits are as follows: “Painted Lady,” a solo exhibition by Ariel McCleese; “Do You Want to Quit? Intimacy, Site, Self” curated by Erin Gordon; and “Matters of Time” curated by Brianna BakkeBest. Each exhibit seeks to challenge and encourage visitors to reconsider preconceptions of abstract concepts such as time, self-consciousness and the internet as a flimsy site for discourse, among others.

Choral Music of UCI Introduces AcaLove

The masterful melodies of seven choral groups came together in Winifred Smith Hall here on campus on January 26th for the first annual AcaLove: Southern California A Cappella Festival. This premier event was made possible by the director of UCI’s choral program, Dr. Seth Houston, and co-event coordinators Kenai Gonzalez and Ryan Duong.  Nearly a year of planning, creating, and working went into this night with the goal of cultivating a stronger a capella community throughout Southern California. The festival’s lineup featured four UCI groups: Vermillion Vocalists, Uniting Voices, Circle of Fifths, and UCI Chamber Singers; and traveling to Irvine were UCSD’s Tritones, CSUN’s AcaSola, and USC’s Overflow.

Lex Leigh is Associate Music Director for South Coast Repertory’s upcoming production of Shakespeare in Love

Current second year MFA in Music Direction candidate Lex Leigh is Associate Music Director for South Coast Repertory’s upcoming production of Shakespeare in Love. Lex previously worked on last summer’s production of Once at SCR. 

Hope Reborn in “Is There Life After Birth?”

In partnership with UCI Illuminations, “Is There Life After Birth?”, directed by MFA Directing Candidate Melissa Livingston, had a moving opening night on Friday, Nov. 17, here on campus in Studio 4 at the Claire Trevor School of the Arts. This 35-minute production includes rich emotional performances from seven student actors (Lindsey Chanel, Sarah Medina, Monica Minix, Brook Morris, Molly O’Donnell, Kerry Vang, Ashlyn Weatherford), real stories transcribed from interviews of girls from teen pregnancy home Mary’s Shelter, and eye-opening statistics on teen childbearing and child welfare.

John Gilmour, MFA, performed at the artist faculty recital at Chapman Univeristy

On November 4 , 2017, John Gilmour, MFA in Collaborative Piano, 2017 performed on an artist faculty recital with Mary Palchak, flutist and  Limor Toren-Immerman, violinist at Chapman University, Salmon Recital Hall.

UCI students bring music to Vegas

Students from the Dept. of Music at UCI made the journey to Las Vegas, NV to share the gift of music with the victims and bystanders from the mass shooting that took place at the Route 91 Harvest music festival on October 1. Four current students, one alum, and a student’s sibling spent the day playing classical music near the iconic "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign where a memorial of crosses have been implemented for each victim. The entire scene was extraordinary – the students played through wind and tiredness, until their professor Sarah Koo, who organized the trip, finally reminded them they had an entire week of classes to face. Many visitors and onlookers stopped and listened and asked about the students that had come all the way from Irvine, CA. A welcomed trip of goodwill that reminded people of the power of music.

FADA (Film-Arts-Drama Alliance) club produces "Zot Zot Land" to celebrate the Arts at UCI

Watch the Behind the Scenes Film ->

Arts students from University of California, Irvine came together to put their spin on La La Land's "Another Day of Sun!" 80+ students and mentors were involved in the film project that included newly recorded instrumentals, vocals, lyrics, along with new choreography.  The film was produced by the Film-Arts-Drama-Alliance (FADA) at UCI specifically for the 18th annual Zotfest film festival at UCI.  The team wanted to create a "Soft Opening" film that would unite the students together for one large project. With the teamwork from Paper Sketch Media, FADA, and UCI Illuminations, they were able to pull resources together to bring the project "Zot Zot Land" to life! Filmmakers, Designers, Singers, Dancers,...

Congratulations to UCI alum and faculty on CCF fellowships!

Congratulations to UCI alums Shagha Ariannia,Maura Brewer, Aaron Sandnes, Samira Yamin, and UCI Professor Amanda Ross-Ho on receiving this year’s fellowships for Visual Artists!