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The ambiguities of Daniel Joseph Martinez’s blunt statements.

"Not so much the imagery but the title of Daniel Joseph Martinez’s recent exhibition at the Roberts & Tilton gallery (newly renamed Roberts Projects) in Culver City, California, led me to wonder about that sense of identification between a male artist and his female subject that Flaubert and Williams are supposed to exemplify—although in the case of Martinez, the subject is not fictional but a historical personage. The exhibition was called “I am Ulrike Meinhof or (someone once told me time is a flat circle).” Leaving aside for a moment the show’s more obviously riddling subtitle, what could Martinez mean by his “Ulrike Meinhof, c’est moi”? It would be wise not to answer too quickly: Martinez has a history of hanging his work on blunt first-person statements that get more ambiguous the closer you look at them. One of them has kept me pondering for almost 25 years."

AWMAT Combines Women in Art with Technology

Mari Kimura was the keynote speaker at the Alliance of Women in Media Arts and Technology (AWMAT) conference. Kimura explains how being at the forefront of her field is something she grew up with.

“[My mother] is the current president of ILO in Japan. It’s the International Labour Organization, and my grandmother was the first Japanese female politician,” Kimura said.

In addition to strong female figures, her father is a pioneer in solar energy, as he designed Japan’s first solar house where Kimura grew up.

Kimura gave anecdotes about how her parents met, how she met her husband and her move from New York to Irvine. While she is successful in her field, she speaks about the sexism her mother faced in Japan and the sexism she faced in the U.S.

“My mom went back to Japan with my dad when she was eight months pregnant with me. She was the only female law student. Then her adviser comes from the other corridor and he says, ‘Oh, Mrs. Kimura, there’s a job...

Professor Daniel Joseph Martinez in Exhibition for the Hammer Museum Biennial

Professor Daniel Joseph Martinez will be featured in the upcoming Made in L.A. 2018 of the Hammer's biennial exhibition.

Made in L.A. 2018 is the fourth iteration of the Hammer’s biennial exhibition, continuing to highlight the practices of artists working throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. The exhibition is organized by Hammer curators Anne Ellegood and Erin Christovale. The exhibition will be accompanied by a comprehensive catalogue, as well as a full roster of free public programming.

Daniel Joseph Martinez has been selected for the Vancouver Biennale

Professor Daniel Joseph Martinez has been selected to be featured at the Vancouver Biennale in July.

Kei Akagi Releases a New Album that Features Fellow UCI Faculty Members Kojiro Umezaki and Darek Oles

Chancellor’s Professor of Music Kei Akagi releases a new album that features fellow UCI faculty members Kojiro Umezaki and Darek Oles:


Contemporary Asian Perspectives in American Music

Kei Akagi (piano)

Kojiro Umezaki (shakuhachi)

Darek Oles (bass)

Tamaya Honda (drums)

“This project has its roots in a question I asked myself a long time ago: As a first-generation Japanese American, how can I bring together the music of my heritage with the immense richness of jazz that I have been blessed to be part of? I was doubly fortunate to be able to call on such enormously gifted musical compatriots: Kojiro Umezaki, Darek Oles, Tamaya Honda.

This album brings together contemporary music and Japanese modernism within a framework of jazz improvisation. The music is haunting but grounded, delicate but energetic, structured yet free.

The recording includes four of my original compositions. There are two pieces...

Mari Kimura – The Tradition of Revolution: Improvisation, Composition and Motion Sensor for the Violin

Violinist and composer Mari Kimura will give a lecture at UC Santa Barbara's Alliance of Women in Media Arts and Technology on February 9, 2018. She will discuss and demonstrate her renown extended technique “Subharmonics”, playing pitches one octave lower than the lowest open G without changing the tuning of the violin.

Nicole Mitchell Black Earth Ensemble European premiere of "Mandorla Awakening"

Flutist-composer-ensemble leader Nicole Mitchell's award-winning Mandorla Awakening II project with the Black Earth Ensemble—joined by UCI colleague Ko Umezaki on Shakuhachi—will make its European premiere on February 9 in Stockholm

UW-Madison to host Performance Architect - Sheron Wray- as the Spring 2018 Arts Institute's Interdisciplinary Artists in Residence

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Arts Institute weclomes Sheron Wray as the Spring 2018 Interdisciplinary Artist in Residence. She will focus on interaction with students and their growth as interdisciplinary scholars, and her guest artists will engage with students and participate in public lectures. This plethora of engagement will challenge collaborators and audiences alike with new levels of awareness, extending beyond the scholarly realm to inspire creative living.

Cecil Lytle, Mike Wofford, Joshua White, Kei Akagi & Tobin Chodos to play 5-piano concert

Five pianists walk into a room… That may sound like the set-up for a grand joke. But it is the very real scenario for what promises to be a singular performance at the 22nd Annual Concert to Benefit the Lytle Scholarship at UC San Diego. To be held at 3 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 28, at the university’s acoustically superior Conrad Prebys Concert Hall, the two-hour fundraising event — aptly billed as a Jazz Piano Summit — will culminate with a joint performance by Cecil Lytle, Mike Wofford, Joshua White, Tobin Chodos and Kei Akagi. 

S. Ama Wray named one of the CIES AD SIG Emerging Scholars

Prof. S. Ama Wray has been named one of the Comparative & International Education Society African Diaspora Special Interest Group’s (CIES AD SIG) Emerging Scholars. The award is given annually to exceptional scholars who are on the cutting edge and have the potential to make a contribution across the African Diaspora. 

The selection committee is comprised of highly accomplished scholars who are members of the CIES AD SIG. One panelist commented on Prof. Wray's works, “This author uses the arts and in particular dance to decolonize the curriculum and challenge traditional western/northern epistemologies. Dance is poorly served by theory that informs how we think about 'race', diaspora and their related politics, yet this scholar not only disrupts the status quo but offers innovative insights and concepts as pedagogical and critical tools.”

The CIES is dedicated to increasing the understanding of educational issues, trends, and policies through comparative, cross-...