Faculty In the News

Joe Lewis has a New Installation at The Phatory

Professor of Art Joe Lewis has a new installation at The Phatory in New York. The installation entitled Mutant Monkey Business will be on view starting May 1 – May 22, 2016. LINK.

Things are looking up for Orange County's Trio Céleste

A good thing to know about Trio Céleste, though not absolutely necessary, is how to pronounce the name.

“I don’t even know how to correctly pronounce it, there you go,” the group’s cellist Ross Gasworth quips. The other two members, pianist Kevin Kwan Loucks and violinist Iryna Krechkovsky, quickly chime in. It’s “Say-lest,” they say, though “Seh-lest” is fine by them, too. Where did the name come from? The first time the group played was during a harvest moon, a “celestial event.”

The three of them showed up the other morning at an Irvine eatery to sip coffee and talk about recent developments, like the release of their first album, on Navona Records. The group, ensemble-in-residence at UC Irvine, seems on the verge of a breakout. Already busy on chamber music series throughout California, the trio recently signed with New York management, which will pursue out-of-state opportunities.

The non-profit organization they run, Chamber Music | OC, which promotes...

Monica Majoli Featured in Mousse Magazine

Professor of Art Monica Majoli was featured in the April 2016 issue of Mousse Magazine. LINK.

Connie Samaras has Two Exhibitions at UC San Diego

UC Irvine Professor of Art Connie Samaras currently has two exhibitions running at UC San Diego. The exhibitions are titled, Connie Samaras: Speculative Landscapes, and feature Samaras’ photography and video from the series Edge of Twilight, V.A.L.I.S, and After the American Century. LINK.

Ulysses Jenkins in ‘BACKSTORY’ in Art in America Magazine

Professor of Art Ulysses Jenkins is in BACKSTORY by Kerry James Marshall. The article describes his time at Otis Art Institute of Los Angeles County with fellow artists Ulysses Jenkins, Greg Pitts, and Ronnie Nichols.

BACKSTORY by Kerry James Marshall

For a New ‘Rainbow,’ Donald McKayle Is Still Explaining

The most ferocious sound in the room at the David H. Koch Theater was coming from an 85-year-old man in a wheelchair. But the years melted away as that man — Donald McKayle, the modern dance and Broadway choreographer known for exploring African-American themes in his work — watched a recent rehearsal of “Rainbow ’Round My Shoulder,” his 1959 masterwork about life on a chain gang, with the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company…

The New York Times – Click to read article…

Amy Bauer Presented at the Intercultural Music Conference 2016

Associate Professor of Music Amy Bauer gave the paper "Marginal no more: cross-cultural appropriation and reception in New Music" at the Intercultural Music Conference 2016 at the University of California, San Diego. LINK.


Kojiro Umezaki performed at TED 2016

Associate Professor of Music Kojiro Umezaki performed with the Silk Road Ensemble and Rhiannon Giddens at the main TED Conference (TED 2016) in Vancouver, Canada. Kojiro has been with the Silk Road Ensemble for fifteen years.

LINK - Silk Road Ensemble
LINK - Rhiannon Giddens

Michael Dessen Trio Awarded New Music USA Project Grant

Associate Professor of Music, Michael Dessen, was awarded a project grant by New Music USA to support performances, outreach events and a recording by his electro-acoustic trio. The trio, featuring bassist Chris Tordini and drummer Dan Weiss along with Dessen on trombone/computer/composition, has garnered critical acclaim for their unique and exciting performances that integrate live electronics, intricate composition and collective improvisation. The project award from New Music USA will enable the trio to perform and teach workshops in Massachusetts and New York in June 2016, after which they’ll record for CD featuring "Somewhere In The Upstream," a composition dedicated to and inspired by one of Dessen’s mentors, renowned musician Yusef Lateef. The composition takes the form of a "scorestream,” an algorithmic, networked composition that is displayed dynamically on computer screens for improvisers to interpret.

Christopher Dobrian Appointed 2016 International Conference on Musical Gesture as Creative Interface Committee

Professor of Music Christopher Dobrian was appointed to the scientific committee of the 2016 International Conference on Musical Gesture as Creative Interface in Porto, Portugal. He will be presenting his research there in March on the topic of "Using Detected Gestures in Music as the Control Interface for Signal Processing".