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Christopher Dobrian Appointed 2016 International Conference on Musical Gesture as Creative Interface Committee

Professor of Music Christopher Dobrian was appointed to the scientific committee of the 2016 International Conference on Musical Gesture as Creative Interface in Porto, Portugal. He will be presenting his research there in March on the topic of "Using Detected Gestures in Music as the Control Interface for Signal Processing".

Professor Joe Lewis in Artists' Talk at Sacramento State

Pump Up the Volume is Jane Dickson and Joe Lewis’ celebration of hip hop’s ascension into a global movement from its earliest moments that they witnessed in the South Bronx. The exhibition consists of approximately 60+ discrete pieces, including portraits of important genre artists, dating from 1979 - 2015. There is also an audio component overlay of 278 songs (18 hours of music) tracing the history of hip-hop music from the Bronx.

Today, from Soweto to Dallas, Mogadishu to Hong Kong, Cairo to Nome; from La Scala to Remy Martin, Nike to Pepsi, and BMW to the Ballet; wherever you are, Street Art, Hip Hop, Graffiti, and Break Dancing are ubiquitous global currency.

 Who would have believed in the 1970s that The South Bronx was the weed in the crack of the pavement of the Western Aesthetic canon whose growth would shatter the dominance of that cultural narrative? That essentially teenage voices, sights, and movements could shake the very foundations of global...

Legendary actor William Needles dies at 97

William "Bill" Needles, former professor of Drama and one of Canada's best-known Shakespearean actors, has died at age 97.

Needles served as an acting teacher at the University of California for a number of years and was a mentor to hundreds.

"Perhaps the greatest of his many talents was his gift of mentorship to several ‎generations of young actors," Cimolino said. "In what can be a difficult way of life, Bill was there for so many during the tough times. His honesty, decency and kindness could balm almost any hurt and soothe a bruised spirit. After a talk with Bill, you'd be ready to get up, smile and try again."

One of his students, actor Jon Lovitz, tweeted he was sad to hear the news of "my great professor of Shakespeare."

"He was the kindest, nicest man. A great actor," Lovitz tweeted. "I based [my Saturday Night Live] character Master Thespian a lot on him. He was the nicest teacher, ever."

Ansel Adams' Student Photo Call

(c) Theater Times - November 14, 2015
by Cristofer Gross with Robert Cohen

A surprising photo credit for a college rehearsal shot sparks inquiry

Walking into UC Irvine’s main library in 2008, I stopped before a poster bearing a remarkable photograph. The rich-toned black-and-white image showed a group of ‘60s vintage actors in an ethereal outdoor rehearsal under the watchful eye of a young Robert Cohen, who was then UCI’s Claire Trevor Professor of Drama and the subject of Stage to Stage, a retrospective of his theatrical work. It was the photo credit that caused me to shake my head in wonder: Ansel Adams. Having known Robert for years, I shot off a quick email to ask for the story.

It was winter 1967, wrote back Robert, who retired from UCI in 2015. Ansel had been commissioned to do a book of photographs of all nine University of California campuses, three of which (Irvine, Santa Cruz...

Director Don Hill’s Take on “La Mancha”

The New University sits down for a Q&A with the Director of Man of La Mancha and Vice Chair of the Drama department, Donald “Don” Hill.
New University - Click to read article...

‘Elsewhere’ Here at Claire Trevor

Annie Loui’s Elsewhere presented by Counter-Balance Theater returns to UC Irvine as part of the Chancellor’s Illuminations initiative. The play, based on the Kazuo Ishiguro’s book “Never Let Me Go,” questions the boundaries of medical ethics and explores the universal-timeless search for self-identity.
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Professor David Brodbeck Received Prestigious Virgil Thompson Award

Professor of Music David Brodbeck's book, Defining Deutschtum: Political Ideology, German Identity, and Music-Critical Discourse in Liberal Vienna (Oxford University Press, 2014), which the Times Literary Supplement (London) has called "an impressive work of scholarship that reconstructs not only a musical but also a political and cultural history," was recently given the Virgil Thomson Award for Outstanding Music Criticism in the Concert Field, by the ASCAP Foundation.For more information click the link. www.ascap.com/press/2015/10-06-deems-taylor.aspx

Tony DeLap Featured in Coast Magazine

Tony DeLap was a Professor of Art at UC Irvine from 1965 until 1991. He has collections at the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Guggenheim in New York, as well as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Laguna Art Museum. To read the full article click on the link. www.coastmagazine.com/articles/artist-3511-tony-delap.html

“American Alchemy”, by Professor Joe Lewis, at the Newport Beach Public Library

“American Alchemy”, by Professor of Art Joe Lewis, will be on display at the Newport Beach Public Library from November 2 - December 4, 2015. For more information click on the link. www.newportbeachlibrary.org/events