February 20 – 24
Dance Visions + The Sacre Project = Visions of the Rite of Spring

With the UCI Symphony Orchestra 

This is a special interdisciplinary presentation to

celebrate the 100th anniversary of the iconic score

and artistic collaboration The Rite of Spring.


re·search  n.  : 1. organized study: methodical investigation into a subject in
order to discover facts, to establish revise a theory,  or to develop a plan of
action based on the facts discovered  2. study something methodically: to
carry out research into a subject

Even though the Claire Trevor School of the Arts is part of UC Irvine, a major research
institution, not too many people consider the endeavors of our faculty and students to be
“research” -- to most folks it seems more like “entertainment.” However, this school IS an
integral part of this research university – and our stages, concert halls, and galleries
are the laboratories where this research takes place.

For the past year or more, faculty in our Dance, Drama and Music departments have investigated, studied and explored – in another word: researched – this iconic music and dance works of The Rite of Spring, which almost every arts organization is honoring this year, its 100th anniversary. By marrying the arts with technology and adding a dash of interdisciplinary collaboration, we are presenting an incredibly unique take on this century-old work.

Visions of the Rite of Spring is an ambitious, two-venue collaboration between faculty choreographers, musicians, and designers. The starting point was to respond to the music and choreographic merits of Le Sacre du Printemps, which provided each choreographer, designer and composer with the opportunity to build and progress in their own way, yet in consideration of the legendary aspects of the original production.
In the Claire Trevor Theatre, choreographer Molly Lynch evokes the idea of community rituals through contemporary ballet and evocative music composed by Alan Terricciano and played by the UCI Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Stephen Tucker.  The poetically-driven ballet by Tong Wang, is a meditation on modern day experience.   This portion of the program concludes with an emotionally expressive dance choreographed by Donald McKayle.
The Sacre Project is presented in the Experimental Media Performance Lab (xMPL) in the Contemporary Arts Center by dance faculty John Crawford, Jodie Gates, Chad Michael Hall, Lisa Naugle and Alan Terricciano.  This project realizes a new form for the synthesis of visual and performing arts. In a constantly emerging environment, they reflect back on the experiments of the Bauhaus period and riotous acts of the original Sacre in 1913.
The Sacre Project is a non-traditional performance experience and will be repeated twice, preceding and concluding the main stage performance at the Claire Trevor Theater. There are no assigned seats for The Sacre Project:  the audience will be invited to move through the space while viewing the interactive surroundings and dance performance. Audience members will also be guided by a procession of dancers between the Contemporary Arts Center and the Claire Trevor Theatre.
The Sacre Project re-envisions The Rite of Spring as a radically deconstructed performance event that combines the strategies of performing art and media installation to examine ritual, polyphony, embodiment and memory.  In re-visiting this work 100 years later, The Sacre Project rethinks institutional frameworks by placing the dance performance within an immersive mediated environment. One of the primary research interests of the project is to develop a space for dance that interweaves aesthetic expectations of the theatre and the gallery.

Advanced interactive visual and sonic elements complement traditional scenographic techniques to create a visual-spatial “score” that both provokes and assembles the movement language. The dance material created by three choreographers is presented both by live performers and in highly processed video projection. Choreography interacts with environment and audience to frame questions of memory and ritual.

The Sacre Project will be performed again on June 6-8 with the Pacific Symphony at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts’ Samueli Theater. 
The Sacre Project has been funded by a grant from the Council on Research, Computing, and Libraries


Evenings:     Feb. 20, 21, 22 & 23

7:00 p.m.       The Sacre Project, Contemporary Arts Center

8:00 p.m.       Dance Visions, Claire Trevor Theatre
9:00 p.m.       The Sacre Project, Contemporary Arts Center


Matinees:     Feb. 23 & 24
1:00 p.m.       The Sacre Project, Contemporary Arts Center

2:00 p.m.       Dance Visions, Claire Trevor Theatre

3:00 p.m.       The Sacre Project, Contemporary Arts Center

Tickets:  $11 - $20   Tickets provide admission to both performances.

(949) 824-2787.




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