May 16 – May 31

MFA Thesis Exhibition, Part II
Contemporary Arts Center Gallery, University Art Gallery & Room Gallery

Reception:    Thursday, May 16     6:00 - 9:00 p.m.


Reception:    Sunday, May 19        2:00 - 6:00 p.m.
The exhibitions and receptions are free admission and open to the public.


The Claire Trevor School of the Arts at the University of California, Irvine has renamed the Studio Art Department the Department of Art. The MFA graduates of 2013 will be  the first to receive their degrees with this new title, and the work they will present in MFA Thesis Exhibition reflects this turn. The exhibited works demonstrate fresh interpretations of interdisciplinary practice, including performative installation, sculptural video, theatrical soundscapes, critical abstraction, painting, and institutional critique.

In the Room Gallery, Kuan Hwa will be showing a series of video projections that narrate social forms of knowledge, particularly those made visible by the body.

In the UAG, Alexandra Pacheco Garcia will be debuting Swiftly Go the Days, a two-channel video installation. Shot at the witching hours, each video is a patient observance of a streetlight turning on and off and in the process, documenting the subtle atmospheric changes and activities passing through. Both temporally and spatially dislocating, the installation places the viewer in a liminal space – between day and night, interior and exterior. The accompanying soundtrack is a construction of ambient textures from both spheres, oscillating between the familiar and the disorienting, breaking the otherwise meditative stasis.

Nicole Capps will also be showing her work in the UAG, presenting a series of small drawings that emphasize materiality and scale, in which fragmented imagery from found snapshots collides with abstract mark-making and physical gestures like stacking and cutting. These small works explore memory, loss, and fractured communication.

In the Contemporary Arts Center Gallery, Andy J. Brown presents a constellation of sculptural work in his exhibition Johnny. Combining sourced images, objects, and segmented architectures, Brown mines historical representations of the boy as wishful sailor. Referencing outmoded symbols of hope and obsolete models of promise and stability, Johnny meditates on absence, loss and constructed nostalgia.

Also in the CAC, Lindsay August-Salazar will show her latest work in The Ultimate Artificial Solution. August-Salazar works to unpack the concept of painting; analytically approaching not only the act, but also the nature, blurring the lines of appropriation, rehearsal, execution and performance. In this work, she uses painterly language in attempts to discern the differences within repetition and return.

The galleries are open Tuesdays - Saturday  Noon to 6:00 p.m. 

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