based on Arts+STEM Curriculum

(Arts + Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)

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Ages 6 - 12
Weekly Camp Sessions Monday-Friday, 9AM-4PM
Beall Center 712 Arts Plaza, UCI
Fee: $295/week online payment or $307/week payment by check
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Utilizing Lego© NXT software, campers engage in team problem-solving, creative thinking – and ultimately build really cool robots.  Eight weekly camp sessions are offered over the summer.  Recognizing the natural symbiosis between technology and art, Mathobotix Inc. (an Orange County educational robotics company located in Irvine and Los Alimitos) and the Beall Center for Art + Technology began their collaboration in 2010 to create an environment where the subjects are taught holistically together with science and mathematics.  Camp staff consists of UCI undergraduate Art students from the Beall Center, as well students with Engineering backgrounds.  Campers receive an interactive introduction to "media art" and "kinetic art" through kid friendly lectures and demonstrations by the Beall Center's Artistic Director.  Each week is themed and children have an opportunity to express their ideas through bulding and simple programming.  Campers have fun while learning the basic static structures used in robotics by applying the fundamentals of art, design, math and science concepts.  Students build strong and stable structures, explore simple machines, and program their robots using Lego® NXT software.  The result is education, advanced skills, and a whole lot of fun!  Students demonstrate their projects at the "Show & Tell" on the last day of camp - parents, friends and families are encouraged to attend.

2014 Mathobotix Summer Camp Schedules: Dates Coming Soon
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Ages 13 - 19
Two week session - Dates coming soon
Monday - Friday, 10AM- 4PM
Beall Center 712 Arts Plaza, UCI
Fee:  $899/ two weeks, Limited Space - 30 seats available.

Expressive Robotics offers a new approach to robotics coding and building. Designed for young visual artists, hobbyists, builders and makers as well as students interested in computer sciences, programming and engineering.  Expressive Robotics is a two-week middle/high school aged summer intensive focused on the development of robotic behaviors through programming and design.  Originally funded by a grant from the Nicholas Endowment, the core of the camp is interdisciplinary based on a newly developed Arts+STEM (Arts + Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) curriculum designed specifically for this camp by UC Irvine faculty, students and staff.  Students will experience programming and code through exercises in body movement, flow charts, pseudo code creation, and more.  Emphasis on utilizing creative thinking and artistic practice while developing their projects will be conveyed throughout the camp.  Students will learn RobotC programming language using VEX Robotics Design System, and will design and build robots with a DIY approach using various materials and tools to complete their projects.  (Note: This is a two week camp.  Only one session will be offered from July 21 - Aug 1.  Limited to 30 students.  PROGRAMMING AND ROBOTICS EXPEREINCE IS NOT REQUIRED.  See Registration Instructions Below.

Fee must be paid for the entire session duration.
No refunds. No-prorating for missed classes. 

For camp registration and fee-related questions, please email or call (949)824-6206.

EXPRESSIVE ROBOTICS:  $899 online credit card registration plus 2% processing fee
REGISTRATION CLOSED Register online at:
Print & Sign Required Waiver Form, and return by the first day of camp: Click Here

MATHOBOTIX:  $295 credit card registration plus 2% processing fee (per weekly session)
Register online at:
Print & Sign Required Waiver Form, and return by the first day of camp: Click Here.

$307 for mail-in registration (per weekly session)
Registraton Forms & Waiver: Click Here.
Send Registration materials to:  Beall Center ATTN:  CAMPS, 229 Mesa Arts Building, UC Irvine, Irvine, Ca 92697-2775.

Discounts available for UC Irvine staff, faculty & students only  through online registrations using UCI NetID/Password.  No redunds.


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--Fee must be paid for the entire course duration.  No refunds.  No pro-rating for missed classes.
--Fees, discounts, and promotional offers are subject to change without prior notice.
--Campers may attend one-week session or multiple week sessions. Campers will build and develop their knowledge and  skills with each session they attend. Repeating students will work on different projects.
--On the second day of camp children are grouped by age and grade level.  If your child would like to be grouped with a friend, please talk with the camp mentor on the first day of camp.
--Show & Tell/Team Competition conducted Fridays 3pm to 4pm.  Parents/guardians/guests/camper's friends are invited to attend the competitions.|
--Lunch and Snacks:  Please send sack lunch and 2 snacks each day.
--Fee includes the camp and T-Shirt.
--Camper age:  6 – 13 years.
--Camps Run 9am to 4pm, Mondays thru Fridays.  Extended hours available upon request.
--Sign-in/Sign-out required by Parents/Guardians. Drop-off in Lot 5 at 8:45 - 9am & Pick-up at 3:45 - 4pm.
--All registration materials & Waiver Form must be mailed to the Beall Center or returned by the first day of camp.

The acronym STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.  Harvey White, co-founder of Qualcomm and Leap Wireless International, is credited with first using the acronym in a talk to the San Diego Development Corporation, and knows something about the workforce of the future when he states, “We simply cannot compete in the new economy unless we do something now about creativity and innovation­.”

Much emphasis – and money – is placed on advancing educational efforts in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).  President Obama’s initiative, Educate to Innovate, part of the “Race to the Top” program, invests $700 million in financial and in-kind support for the continued development of effective teaching in these subjects, to prepare our next generation for global leadership.  What seems to be missing from all these discussions and dollars is a holistic approach to education in the sciences.  The subjects that make up STEM are treated as discrete, and outcomes are confined to purely quantifiable test results.

Innovation in science education needs the kind of creativity that is relevant and humanistic, and that encourages multi-skilled problem solving in a collaborative environment.  The Arts incorporated into STEM education leads to skills development, intellectual curiosity and stronger preparation for our next generation of leaders.

To support the innovations of future minds, the Claire Trevor School of the Arts partners with outside educators to keep creativity alive and thriving.  We warmly invite you to come join Mathobotix at the Beall Center on our campus this summer – as we team-up, full STEAM ahead!

“As demand for a new workforce to meet the challenges of a global knowledge
economy is rapidly increasing, few things could be as important in this
period of our nation’s history than  art education.” 
-- John M. Eger, Chair of Communications & Public Policy, CSUSD